Wednesday, January 18, 2012

staceys getting married!!!

im so excited for my friend stacey. she is getting married to a wonderful man [chris] that we all love very very much!  their story is precious and there is no doubt that they encourage each other to BE BETTER at everything, everyday and thats THE most important thing.  they make a beautiful couple inside and out.  im very happy for them to say the least!!  you can read about my friendship with stacey here if you wanna.. =)

last wednesday she msged me wanting my mailing address.. wedding invites, save the dates, reception invites.. all seemed like reasonable explanations.  i didnt question.  just sent her the info.  on friday this adorable package came in the mail!    

i was genuinely surprised, honored, thrilled, elated, humbled.. i could go on and on and on!  =)  there may be 25 bridesmaids for all i know... [i didnt ask] but im so excited that she would choose me to be in the mix!  
fo shizzle my nizzle!  im all yours stacey wacey!!!  love you!


Staceywacey said...

not quite 25! ;) I am so blessed to know that on my big day you'll be right there with me! I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love you so so much!!

Morgan said...

so if Jammi's a bridesmaid....who is the photographer????? LOL