Friday, January 20, 2012

to cut or not to cut..

that is the question.  im sure there will be mixed opinions about this little post [if anyone is reading..that is. ;)]  and im even a bit reluctant to write it but ultimately.. its only my opinion that counts - right?  lol.

i love korbs hair.  i love that its different than every other little boy we know.  i love that its a topic of conversation.  i love the way it looks.  i love that its so him.

he wants it to look like daddys. he has been asking since the school year began to cut it really short.  i, of course, hate the idea.

this week on tuesday he and another child got into trouble in school for 'trimming' their hair.  it happens.. kennedy did the same thing when she was his age.  its very common.  he did a really good job.  ; )  its not even noticeable.  on thursday he got sticky tack in his bangs.  it was just like gum.. i combed it out.  it happens.  kennedy has gotten gum stuck in her hair before when she was his age.  its very common.  ; )
daddy thinks he is 'crying out that he is done with it'.. i say no one asked us what wanted our hair to look like when we were 5!  his sister definitely never had a choice!  ..until she could fix it herself we did not value her opinion of what it should look like and im pretty sure THAT happened about 6 months ago.  she's 12.  

anyway kp and i have been discussing cutting it shorter for awhile now.. NOT as short as daddys but definitely different than it is now.. im not sure why im having such a hard time with it.  i mean.. 
'its just hair.' 
'he's 5.' 
'he'll be adorable no matter how long his hair is.'
'it will grow back.' 
i GET all of that!  

but i love this.. 
i LOVE it! 

we have an appointment this afternoon.. im sure it will still be long by societies standards but i feel like this is the beginning of the end of my long haired baby boy and im more than a little sad.  


KP said...


Jammi Palmer said...

haha!! ..but he's 5. and its just hair. and it'll grow back.. ;)

Unknown said...

I want to say "NO! Don't cut it!!" but if he is expressing an opinion about it, I'd probably get it cut. Like you said, it can grow back.

Staceywacey said...

I agree with Amy... even though it makes me want to CRY!!!!!!

Jammi Palmer said...

I love you girls for posting!!! He did get a haircut.. Not nearly as short as he wanted but much shorter than I like it so I guess that's a compromise! I'll post pics ASAP!