Thursday, January 26, 2012

a little he said/she said..

it has been so long since ive written down something funny korbie said to me.. and theres something worth writing almost every single day.  the conversations get longer and more intriguing but in the end i laugh and he looks at me like im crazy.  then i rush off to tell his dad. every. single. time.  lol.

so the other day we were out of lunchables.  thats what i pack for korb almost daily in his lunch box.  a lunchable.  a fruit.  a veggie.  and a gatorade [or lemonade].  i like routine. ;) and im pretty sure that most moms worry about their kids lunch being different than everyone elses.. i think thats common.  so i pack a lunchable [almost] every day.   eliminates the worry factor.  so the other day we were out of lunchables.  i packed him a hot dog [in a bun].  some green olives [which he loves]. some pringles. a banana.  some cheese. and a chocolate cake ball for a surprise!  kinda random but i thought he would be excited about a little change..  that night while he was taking a bath i asked him about his lunch.  and the conversation went something like this.

mommy:  so.... notice anything different about your lunch today at school?
korbie:  yes!  and it was great!! thank you!
mommy:  what did you have?
korbie:  a sandwich?
mommy:  no...
korbie:  a cake ball!!!
mommy:  yes!  what else?
korbie:  [annoyed]  ...ummm lets see.  chips.  i remember that because sam yelled across the room 'LOOK KORB I HAVE CHIPS TOO!'
mommy:  so chips and cake.
korbie:  yep!  thanks mom youre the best!
lots more... can you think of anything else?  here's a hint.. was it ___?  this goes on for a looong time.
mommy:  ...there was a hot dog. and olives.  and...
korbie:  oh yea!!!  and a banana and some cheese that i DO NOT like btw..
mommy:  lol. ok.  note to self.  what did everyone else at your table have for lunch?
korbie:  [completely annoyed.] mom.  are you serious?  it took us 10 mins to remember what i had for lunch.. you really think i know what anyone else had?????

touche little friend!  touche.  =))

he also asked me earlier this week while we were watching the Mavs ring ceremony [finalllly got their rings!].. he said, 'mom why is shawn marions tan still so great in the middle of the winter?' HA!

love that little guy. and a random pic that has nothing to do with the post.. just cause i love it. =))

sometimes he makes pouting look so cute. =)

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