Friday, January 13, 2012

two bday celebrations down..

..two to go!!  yay!  turning thirty five hasnt been so bad to me yett!

on wednesday night all the family and might was well be family met for dinner at the country club. [palmers party of 4, shoffners party of 4, shoffners party of 2, carters party of 4, mincheys party of 4]   nine adults.  nine children..all under the age of six except for kenners.  THAT is some work.  but we pulled it off with the help of the kids club and the big kid.  she has turned into quite an accomplished babysitter. =))  and i think it was a success!  good food and good conversation!!  my favorites!

on thursday night all the girls left all the guys with the all the kids and headed OUT!  mmmmmm!!  GNO.  we had dinner on the square in mckinney and then a little pub crawling.  it was greatness.  girl time is a must.  i had a blast with twelve lovely ladies!

tonight im going a birthday date with my hubby.  to the grenada in dallas to see charlie robison.  he planned that all by himself.  does he know me or what??

and tomorrow!!  my sister-in-law and i are going to get some new INK!!  unless she chickens out.  lol!  just kidding jenny.  not an options.. i will not let u chicken out!

and then a three day weekend!

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