Tuesday, March 31, 2009

all night long..

all night! yay!!! korb has officially made it all night sleeping in underwear with no accidents! SUCCESS! no turning back now.. our diaper buying days are OVER. {well..until i talk kp into one more baby ;)}and save one almost accident/poop emergency yesterday evening {again..on dada's watch..still love you kp}. he has been clean and dry for 48 hours! YAY!

potty training.. check! at two and a half! love that little guy! love him to pieces!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

a short report..

thru a mommy's eyes - about my little geniuses..

kennedy took her first standardized assessment test recently {The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS™)}.. a 3rd grade must. they took the reading portion this month and the results are in - she rec'd a commended performance on her report. she only missed 2 questions! go kenners..we are so proud of you! the math portion of her test is on april 28..stay tuned for more genius ;) results...

korb has been put to a test this week too.. a potty test! he turned two and a half at the beginning of the month and he is so ready to be done with diapers. and i have been so lazy about potty training. so, on wednesday, he and i decided that its time... he has been wearing underwear since wednesday morning {except for nap and overnight} and i am proud to report that he has only had one accident! {on daddy's watch i might add..;) love you kp} he is doing so well! hopefully we can say its official in the next week! and as a side note - he hasnt had his nuk & night-night {except for nap and overnight} since wednesday either. nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spring break.. two days at a time

  • two days.. w/o the kids {they needed a little east tx lovin ;)}
  • two days.. w/only the kids {we took mon & tues off. we visited the dallas world aquarium and arbuckle wilderness..SO much fun. there will be pics!}
  • two days.. w/nana and the kids. {my mom came here for a couple of days!}
  • two days.. w/o the kids {they needed a litte west tx lovin ;)}
  • and only one day to recover.. it was all planned SO well.. if only we had one more day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

update..its been a long day

we followed up with our dr this afternoon. our appt was at 430.. we were there for 2 hours. :( basically he did a full exam. her fever was still 102.9 when we arrived at the clinic. but he is confident that its not appendicitis. {thats the good news..YAY} the bad news is that she actually has a strep infection.. her lymph nodes/neck are really swollen. as is her face and eyes around her sinuses. and she has a red rash all over her body that is consistent with strep. he says the pain in her abdomen that the ER described as tenderness could just as easily be described as soreness (like from an ab workout). he said its typical for children to tense up their ab muscle when they are stressed such as with a fever. he gave her a gigantic penicillin shot. he said she should be feeling better soon from the shot alone. he also gave her a 10 day antibiotic to make sure the infection is completely cleared up.

we are so thankful theres no surgery in our near future! but she still feels really crummy. i did finally get her to eat a little bit for the first time today. hopefully a full night of sleep {minus waking up every few hours for tylenol/advil to control the fever} will help her feel more like herself tomorrow.

kennedys appendix.. love it or leave it.

kennedy woke up this morning around 4 am with a terrible pain in her stomach {on the right side} and a fever of 103.2. she was crying.. sweating.. hysterical. its no secret that she is a wimp when it comes to pain.. but she is almost NEVER sick. after about an hour of discussing.. tylenoling.. and waking up every medical professional we know personally {for more discussing}.. we decided it was off to the ER for kennedy and mommy. after nearly 6 hrs in the ER... blood work.. urine samples.. iv meds and fluids.. and a ct scan.. all we know for sure is that kennedy's appendix is not well. it isnt acutely infected. but she does have something called an appendicolith that can cause appendicitis.. so this could be the early signs. in addition to the fever, her white blood count definitely indicates an infection somewhere. so.... we are home for now. observing. we have an appt with our pedi at 430 this afternoon to reassess. he will decide then if he thinks the appendix needs to go or if we are dealing with a viral infection and the appendicolith is just coincidental. she is resting.. her fever is 101.5 right now. and the pain meds they gave her in the hospital are just about warn off.. im praying she will take a good nap so the next 4 hrs will pass quickly for her. we appreciate all the prayers already lifted up and the well wishes thru text and facebook. thank you all very much. i will keep the blog updated with any changes.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a little he said/she said..

on tuesday evening, kennedy and i attended open house at her school. her teacher is great.. we talk often. no surprises. we looked thru all of her things. had a stroll thru the classroom and then we were off. on the way out the door we heard some other kids talking about college day later this week. 'we are supposed to wear something from our favorite school'.. the little kid informed me. when i asked what she was going to wear.. she said with a smile, 'my dirk university sweatshirt.' i laughed out loud. go mavs.

yesterday..completely out of the blue..korb told me that we need a deer to hang above our tv. like jamie maxwell has at the cabin in east texas.. 'you know mommy. just the deer's head. we dont need all of it. and we can hang it right there over our tv.' i laughed out loud. no thanks.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

papaw jim turns 70.

last weekend we traveled to east texas to celebrate papaw's 70th birthday! {thats dada's dada..if you were wondering} we had so much fun despite the weather.. it was COLD! the high was in the 40s on saturday. thats cold! we were the first to arrive.. that NEVER happens! we spent about half an hour swinging. :) and then the guest of honor arrived..korb spent lots of time with auntie kel..
and uncle keith and his auntie micah..
im really not sure why he looks SO serious in all of these pics because he had a REALLY good time!
loving lou {the best dog in the whole world} made him happy..he drove that little truck around that chair FOREVER..he helped jamie cook..and he did quite a bit of '4 wheelin'..and when he was really dirty, really really tired and really really really hungry..we kissed him goodbye and dropped him and his sister off at gran-grans. ;)we made it back to the party in time for the best part of the day..
i love this picture! he was completely cracked up.. genuinely happy. he was asked to offer a toast. which he did..and then everyone else cracked up.i would love to know the origin of those toasts..
jim's brother kelly jo and wife vivian spent the day with us.
and the day would not be complete with out a pic of the original team palmer.
late in the evening we all gathered around the fire to hang out and listen to some tunes. {my lungs and i have almost recovered.}
this is a terrible picture..but brad and kp singing makes me smile. im sure it was an old don williams tune.. unless it was journey. :) what did we do before ipods??
there was even a late night rhett barton sighting! that doesnt always happen..

we had a great time in east texas! i hope papaw jim enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Monday, March 2, 2009

just a swinging...

who knew..

an old swing.. hanging from..an old east texas tree.. could be..

so much fun..for the whole family.. really, who knew?