Thursday, March 5, 2009

papaw jim turns 70.

last weekend we traveled to east texas to celebrate papaw's 70th birthday! {thats dada's dada..if you were wondering} we had so much fun despite the weather.. it was COLD! the high was in the 40s on saturday. thats cold! we were the first to arrive.. that NEVER happens! we spent about half an hour swinging. :) and then the guest of honor arrived..korb spent lots of time with auntie kel..
and uncle keith and his auntie micah..
im really not sure why he looks SO serious in all of these pics because he had a REALLY good time!
loving lou {the best dog in the whole world} made him happy..he drove that little truck around that chair FOREVER..he helped jamie cook..and he did quite a bit of '4 wheelin'..and when he was really dirty, really really tired and really really really hungry..we kissed him goodbye and dropped him and his sister off at gran-grans. ;)we made it back to the party in time for the best part of the day..
i love this picture! he was completely cracked up.. genuinely happy. he was asked to offer a toast. which he did..and then everyone else cracked up.i would love to know the origin of those toasts..
jim's brother kelly jo and wife vivian spent the day with us.
and the day would not be complete with out a pic of the original team palmer.
late in the evening we all gathered around the fire to hang out and listen to some tunes. {my lungs and i have almost recovered.}
this is a terrible picture..but brad and kp singing makes me smile. im sure it was an old don williams tune.. unless it was journey. :) what did we do before ipods??
there was even a late night rhett barton sighting! that doesnt always happen..

we had a great time in east texas! i hope papaw jim enjoyed the day as much as we did!

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