Thursday, March 12, 2009

a little he said/she said..

on tuesday evening, kennedy and i attended open house at her school. her teacher is great.. we talk often. no surprises. we looked thru all of her things. had a stroll thru the classroom and then we were off. on the way out the door we heard some other kids talking about college day later this week. 'we are supposed to wear something from our favorite school'.. the little kid informed me. when i asked what she was going to wear.. she said with a smile, 'my dirk university sweatshirt.' i laughed out loud. go mavs.

yesterday..completely out of the blue..korb told me that we need a deer to hang above our tv. like jamie maxwell has at the cabin in east texas.. 'you know mommy. just the deer's head. we dont need all of it. and we can hang it right there over our tv.' i laughed out loud. no thanks.


jaime said...

I can get you one of those if you want. Brye's been threatening to do that in our house. I already have antlers in the garage if Korb wants them! Maybe for his room?

Jammi Palmer said...

umm... let me think... NO THANKS! he was completely convinced that it was a great idea. boys

Tiffany said...

That is too funny! I have finally caught up on my blog, and I just added your link to my blog so I can stay posted! I hope things are going great. Sounds like you had a great Spring Break!