Friday, May 30, 2008

mothers day trip.. the highlights

on thursday before our trip kyle, kennedy and korb surprised me with a beautiful watch! i was really excited and I LOVE IT! thanks K's!!!

for mothers day weekend.. we drove to childress on friday after work. arriving around midnight.. we visited for a while and then got some sleep. on saturday, kyle got the chance to play golf while the littles and i attended a women's fundraising luncheon at my parents church. it was organized by a sister church..they just asked to use the facilities - and for my mom to be their guest speaker. the focus was prayer for our children. i cant tell you how proud i was to sit in the audience and hear my mother speak. im blessed that she is my best friend..and that she prays for me.. and im so happy that we got to spend the day with her. kennedy and korb had a blast. ALL DAY. they always do.. . from singing with micromones at the church to eating stickies (thats what korb calls lollipops) to flying kites. it was a really fun day for all. sunday morning was more of the same. they had tons of fun in childrens church and then we went to k-bobs for lunch. my favorite! after lunch my dad had a counseling session booked so mom, kyle and i took the littles to the park to play and feed the ducks.

kenners on the new playground equipment.
how much did that thing cost again? remember these pics..
the 2008 edition.
korb wasnt feeling it..but at least we get the idea of growth. least he was awake this year!
maybe next year he'll pose?
amazingly enough korb wasnt scared of the ducks at all. if theres an animal on the face of this earth that he should be frightened by..its definitely the childress ducks! but we didnt tell him that.

lovin my mama!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

happy birthday bff!

can you say behind?? yes i am.. slightly. on everything. the blog is obviously no exception. but today was one of my very best friends birthday and that deserves so much more than a blog post! we are different.. and the same.. we agree.. and we dont. we are mothers..daughters..sisters and we are friends forever. bonded by so much more than just our frat-brother husbands.. im so glad she is in my life. i hope you had a wonderful birthday kel. thanks for letting us celebrate with you. enjoy 29! the count down is on to the BIG 3-0!
happy birthday!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

moving slow

just a quick note.. i have so many things i need to blog about - but ive been a little distracted. im sure just about everyone knows that our little family was in a pretty major car accident this weekend. we are all ok..just very sore and moving slow. we want to say thank you to EVERYONE who has reached out to us. we have had so many phone calls, emails and text msgs letting us know we are on the minds of our friends. not to mention meals cooked, groceries bought and extra hands to help out with the kids so that we can rest. we are very thankful for your concern and well wishes.
just to tell the story very briefly..we were coming home from a wonderful visit with my parents in childress when a car pulled out in front of us. kyle had the cruise control set just over 70.. after the impact with the other car our tahoe rolled several times. we are so thankful we are still a complete family.. as you can see from these pics our injuries could have been a lot worse.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


you know what im talking about.. mansion, apartment, shack, house. the fortune telling science we all lived by as 8 year olds. its funny that we forget about those little games.. until our own children start to play them! just something i wanted to remember about 2nd grade this time around.

kennedy on the front step playing mash with her neighborhood buddies.. i heard that kaylee's gonna marry dylan..and live in an apartment with 10 kids! i forget what they drive... :) tried to get kyle to play mash with me. but he says he already knows what he gets.. and hes pretty happy with jammi, a house, two kids and a tahoe.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

fun with kenners - teacher appreciation

this week is teacher appreciation week in mckinney isd. this morning kennedy and i finished her coupon book during breakfast. she made one for mrs davis and mrs mooney. we had a great time being creative together..we should really do creative things together more often.

let the creativity begin..over cheerios nonetheless!

smile sister!

stapled together this was her little book of favors.
handwriting looks awesome kenners!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

T loves V

last weekend we took a rode trip south to a part of texas ive only been to once when i was about kennedys age. a very good friend of kyles from college got married in mason texas..near fredricksburg. the wedding was on a ranch.. it was really beautiful. we had a great time! these are some of my favorite pics from the day before the ceremony.

down by the river..
kyle attempted to teach the little k's how to skip rocks.

then we got all dressed up..and made our way to the ceremony. korb spotted some moo-cows and horsies-nay-nay while we waited for things to begin. sis helped him across the cattle guard..think its the first time either had seen one of those. i just love pics of them together.

and one good family shot..
korb did not want to participate but thanks for trying jess!
looks good to me...
so.. about the ceremony. have you ever taken a 20 month old to any outside event..and then told him to sit quietly in a chair so that you can capture the moment? ummm..i promise you wont be successful. so the pictures i took suffer from a serious gap between the hours of 5pm (show time) and 10pm (k's bedtime). howeva.. we met a boy named chris - who, like myself takes lots of pictures! and he did not have a munchkin to hold or chase or feed or dance with.. from 5-10! heres the link to the 400+ pics he took. if you know thomas and victoria -- or if you are like me and you just like browsing.. there are plenty to look at!
here are a few of my favorite pics of ken and korb.

kennedy was very serious about dancing the night away..
she even drug daddy out on the dance floor..wish i had a pic of that!
korb spent a little time on the dance floor himself..but he was mostly interested in the strobe lights. he chased them in circles for quite a while. so much fun!
then he wanted to touch the bells hanging from the tree..and by touch. he meant destroy. shawn tried his best to re-hang that one..but he finally had to give up.
after the little man and the little kid were tucked in..
kyle and i got to hang out by a bonfire with some of his favorite peeps..
peeps that he doesnt see often enough.
thomas and victoria
shawn and jessica
kevin and sara
and AH
not sure why i like this one of us.. but i do. :)
on sunday we made our way home by way of luckenbach.. theres an awesome story to tell there..but i think ill save it for another post. good luck to timo-mas and his beautiful bride. im sure they will be happy together for a long long long time! thanks for the invite.. we love the memories!

Friday, May 2, 2008

bye bye avery johnson..

i cant say that im not a little sad to say good-bye to avery johnson. i mean.. i know the little mavericks suck. and that the little general isnt making things better. but i feel like it all happened so fast! even wikipedia ALREADY has him listed as the former MAVS head coach. he will definitely be missed.. i think maybe our little friends need an avery to go with the set.. what do you think kp?

ps..excuse the carrots all over the table in the video. remember-he performs best during meal times.

kobra... meet the cobra

im sure everyone knows the story of korbs name.. but to tell it briefly -- AND just to make sure everyone knows we didnt actually name our son after my husbands radio hero -- in the beginning of our pregnancy we made a short list of things we all liked. corbin happened to be on that list. i liked it because it was different.. kyle liked it because he knew a corbin in college and had always liked it. kennedy fell in love with it. i soon fell in love with stone.. and kyle was completely set on cameron. after months of trying to sell the name we each loved to the other ..we finally decided to go with kennedys first choice. (and then team K insisted we spell it their way.. korbin) it did not take long in this P1 group for him to become the kobra and when he learned to say his name he decided to lose the N. creating our own little korby. it doesnt hurt that he is basically a walking ticket drop.. SO yesterday the hardline was on location at our new mckinney whataburger and we thought it would be cool for the kobra to meet the cobra.

and tada - he was such a good sport!
thanks corby.

korb was very excited about their micromones and their big radio truck.. corby even got a pretty good hey noooow. but i thought a quick video was in order. LOVE IT!

why wont he wear a HAT!

yesterday i was doing a little spring cleaning.. (which is an entire post in itself) when i came across this dodgeball headband. it was a fancy little GWP when we bought the movie about a thousand years ago. and i was very fond of it. makes me smile. in pretty sure kyle still has that pic of he and i on his desk! anyway.. i asked korb, rather jokingly, if he wanted to try it on. he WILL NOT wear a hat so i was sure his answer would be a pleasant little no. but he agreed..and he wore it FOREVER. cracked me up so i thought i would share! now if i could just talk him into wearing a hat....

i broke it

thats one of the kobras favorite things to say.. i hear it often. and sometimes its little things. like taking the trailer off of a toy truck and not being able to put it back on.. or taking the doors off of his toy fridge. he's a boy. he likes to break things. so yesterday afternoon from the toy room i hear.. i broke it. and this is what i found. what does he have???

my mom and dad gave us this cool..giant remote for christmas.
they have one at their house and korb loves it. this is what it looked like before.
now.. not so much. he broke it.

GNO.. and the drama back home with out mommy

wednesday night was GNO. we havent hung out since march 1st for erins bday and every weekend is action we decided on a middle of the week dinner just to catch up. only 5 of us made it to dinner.. and only 4 were still around when we finally got out the camera howeva we had a great time just hanging out for a bit! dinner was at 8 and i was in bed before midnight. very laid back! im sure kp was not thrilled about me leaving on a random school night..but he always manages to get the kids fed and in bed on his own. such a good dada..


  1. cash's mommy is not aloud to sell pure romance products.. dont worry amy-me either.
  2. words of wisdom from erin.. you should really know people well before you go on vacation with them for 8 days.
  3. guys who take you to the symphony on (or around) your first date are definitely matter what their eye brows look like
  4. just because someone calls you ma'am doesnt mean they think your old... it just means your a lot older than them.
  5. blasters are good
and the pics..
the fake smile must mean he is not happy about me going out..
nikki & erin
jammi & nicole
nikki & jammi
silly faces
and..finally we find someone to take a group shot
ok.. back at the homestead. there was a little bit of drama during my 3 hour absence. kennedy and kaylee found a baby bunny who was very ill but lucky to be alive.. it seems that his brothers and sisters were gooshed all over the alley behind kaylees house. so..being the compassionate animal lover that she is - kennedy had to do SOMETHING. she remembered that her friend dylan's mom had been (but evidently not finished due to a family tragedy) to nursing school. kennedy was sure that she could help. so they took the lifeless-barely-breathing bunny to their friends house. and they loved it and held it..til it finally died. poor kenners. im sure (and ive heard) that she LOST it. crying..hysterical. very upset. so her friends mom got her a box for her little dead friend.. and drove her home. they live at the end of the block. when they arrived the mom brought her in the house. she was clearly very upset too. after hearing the story for 20 min or more..all the while holding the dead bunny in the agreed that the little guy should have a proper burial. the ceremony was scheduled for 630 pm. yes.. i said ceremony. now, i realise that thankfully this is the first dead animal in our lives. BUT i thought somewhere in DAD DNA they all know to 'bury' the animal for the kids and then let them have a ceremony or a little something to say goodbye after the said dead friend is supposedly tucked nicely away under a freshly unearthed piece of ground. well..kyle agreed that they should bury the little guy together the next afternoon. which meant he had to actually dig a hole big enough for the box to fit into.. such a sweetheart. after about 20 min of back breaking digging in the terrible black clay stuff that we have for dirt in our backyards in north texas he was certainly wishing he had disposed of the little guy and just created a faux pretty little grave site... he is an awesome dad for taking the time to do something so special for the little kid! our next GNO is supposed to be a weekend away..what do you suppose will happen when im gone for 3 days.. instead of just 3 hours. oh the stories he will have to tell!!!
let the digging begin..
korb was standing guard over the its blue casket.
the jeep served as a pretty handy hurst.
dada did have a little help with digging..
bye bye bunny.
korb got a little bored with bunny watch and digging..
so he decided to eat a little dirt.
such a boy.
RIP little bunny.. you touched so many lives.