Thursday, May 22, 2008

happy birthday bff!

can you say behind?? yes i am.. slightly. on everything. the blog is obviously no exception. but today was one of my very best friends birthday and that deserves so much more than a blog post! we are different.. and the same.. we agree.. and we dont. we are mothers..daughters..sisters and we are friends forever. bonded by so much more than just our frat-brother husbands.. im so glad she is in my life. i hope you had a wonderful birthday kel. thanks for letting us celebrate with you. enjoy 29! the count down is on to the BIG 3-0!
happy birthday!

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Kelly said...

awww..thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes!! i'm so glad you're in my life, too! i may or may not be tearing up a little...
i love you lots bff!!!