Friday, May 2, 2008

kobra... meet the cobra

im sure everyone knows the story of korbs name.. but to tell it briefly -- AND just to make sure everyone knows we didnt actually name our son after my husbands radio hero -- in the beginning of our pregnancy we made a short list of things we all liked. corbin happened to be on that list. i liked it because it was different.. kyle liked it because he knew a corbin in college and had always liked it. kennedy fell in love with it. i soon fell in love with stone.. and kyle was completely set on cameron. after months of trying to sell the name we each loved to the other ..we finally decided to go with kennedys first choice. (and then team K insisted we spell it their way.. korbin) it did not take long in this P1 group for him to become the kobra and when he learned to say his name he decided to lose the N. creating our own little korby. it doesnt hurt that he is basically a walking ticket drop.. SO yesterday the hardline was on location at our new mckinney whataburger and we thought it would be cool for the kobra to meet the cobra.

and tada - he was such a good sport!
thanks corby.

korb was very excited about their micromones and their big radio truck.. corby even got a pretty good hey noooow. but i thought a quick video was in order. LOVE IT!

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