Monday, April 20, 2009

buffett day 2009

april 18..buffett day 2009. only i hope.. its not the only buffett day of 09. hint hint..

the parking lot was SO much fun. the crowd was amazing. good friends. great seats. the set list was 27 tunes* of pure heaven. and even tho my good friends didnt quite make it to their great seats.. it was definitely a day to remember.

careful.. theres music. i mean its buffett.. how could there not be ?

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*the set list.. in case youre curious.

two weeks later..

this afternoon marks one week since my mom was relocated to rehab. her week long stay has been rather uneventful altho three hours a day of physical therapy are physically exhausting.. and almost three weeks since she has been in her own home are becoming emotionally exhausting too. she has made great progress in healing..but she has a long road a head of her. her visit with her surgeon today and her medical dr tomorrow will give us a better idea of how long that road will be. today she has to travel to her surgeons office to have the staples removed from her incisions and for her leg to be recasted. she is so nervous about the visit as well as the drive. she hasnt yet ridden in a car {she was transported by ambulance to and from the hospital}. she is anxious about that part for sure. she is also anxious about taking out the staples.. what her leg will look like.. how much it will hurt.. what if he says she cant go home.. you name it... she's worried about it. i am praying for a calm still peace of mind for her. as well as a good report from the dr. if he is satisfied with her progress..the medical dr will like say she can go home tomorrow. HOME! she is so ready.. cross your fingers. say a prayer. think good thoughts. send her your love... she needs support today. i love you mom!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

they said she had to go to rehab...

today they transferred mom from centennial medical center in frisco to twin creeks rehabilitation hospital in allen. her pt/inr was exactly where it needed to be this morning.. and her chest xray looked better. both of those things will allow her to use only oral medication going forward and no use for an iv = no use for a hospital! very good news! the drs recommended the facility in allen for several reason. the possibility of developing another blood clot and the tragic complications that could result if she were on the road between here and childress arent worth the risk. and she will have 3 hours daily of physical/occupational therapy (as opposed to the 1 hour she might get in other facilities) and hopefully she will only have to be there for a week to ten days! if all goes well she will be able to go HOME by the end of next week with home-health assistance for a few weeks.. that all sounds better than 4 more weeks in the hospital in childress! she is still in a lot of pain and she will have to cont to wear oxygen when she is sleeping to offset the decreased o2 sats due to the blood clot in her rt lung but she is doing so much better! FINALLY! yay! we love you mom!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

its been one week..

and mom is finally doing lots better! she was even able to take a wheel chair ride yesterday around the hospital! unless she has any other unforeseeable set backs she should be ready to leave the hospital by wed or thurs. they have to get the blood thinners to a certain % in her blood stream..they are still using injections with her oral meds to increase the % more quickly than with oral meds alone. they are doing daily pt/inr testing and when they are comfortable with her levels..and her pneumonia is completely clear she will be released. she is continuing physical therapy while she is in the hospital.. hopefully that will decrease the rehabilitation time. and most notable in my book.. her spirits are much higher and that makes us feel so much better! thanks for all your prayers and concern!

Thursday, April 9, 2009 4..updated.

this afternoon they did at ct scan. they found a pulmonary embolism in my moms right lung. the plan as of today is to treat the blood clot by doubling the blood thinner injections she has been getting daily.. and adding an oral dose of coumadin to the mix. they will test her blood everyday and when they are satisfied that she has a sufficient amount of blood thinners in her system they will discontinue the injections and just use the coumadin to keep the levels up. she will have to take the medication daily for 6 to 12 months. they say this is fairly common after a long bone fracture..but it all seems very scary to us.. and to her. please pray for her peace of mind that everything is going to be ok. and for a better day tomorrow with no bad news.

original post:

just a quick update about my mom.. i know lots of you have been thinking of her and praying for her and i definitely want to keep everyone in the loop.

yesterday afternoons visit with the pulmo was not as upbeat as tuesdays. unfortunately the second chest xray does show some pneumonia in her right lung. her oxygen saturation has been dipping pretty low because of the decreased lung function. they are fighting it aggressively with two iv antibiotics in hopes of knocking it out really quickly. but she definitely wont be going anywhere until the pneumonia is cleared up.

her surgeon is happy with her progress in physical therapy. and they did make her sit in a recliner for a long time yesterday afternoon.. 2 hours i think. more of that will help her lungs to expand fully and gain the strength she is going to have to have to be released to the rehab facility.

todays hurdles are removing the pca {pain meds administered thru her iv}.. and removal of her catheter {probably tmi ;)}. they say its time to control the pain with oral medication.. and she will have to get out of bed to use the restroom. she isnt looking forward to either of these chores, but she knows if they get her a step closer to leaving the hospital they are a must.

thanks again for all of your support. ive been keeping a list of everyone whos sent msgs thru the blog or email or facebook and she has been amazed and encouraged by every name she hears.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

one rod..four screws & thirty hours later.

just a short note to combine all the tweets you guys have been following on my side bar for the last day and a half. and to thank you for all of your concern and well wishes. it means so much to see those texts and fb wall posts.

my parents have been in mckinney since last friday night. they spent the weekend with kennedy and korb so that kp and i could go to the NASCAR races at texas motor speedway. and they got to spend lots of time with nick and jenny celebrating dalton's third birthday. kp and i were planning to be home around noon yesterday and they were going to head home then. but..yesterday morning around 730 my mom was getting kennedy ready for school.. she slipped on a wet floor in the master bath and broke her leg in 3 places. my dad called 911 and paramedics took her to centennial medical center in frisco. after xrays.. an orthopedic surgery consult.. lots of pain and a few hours of waiting.. she was admitted in the hospital awaiting an OR. around 6PM they finally took her back to surgery to set the breaks and place a rod from her knee to her ankle held in place by four screws. she was in surgery and recovery for three and a half hours. the surgery went well... so says the surgeon anyway. he said it will be a long road to recover. several months..but she should have good range of motion in her ankle.

last night was really long for us. she experienced pretty serious symptoms of sleep apnea.. and developed a high fever. they did breathing treatments thru out the night and she has been on oxygen in one form or another (mask or nasal cannula) since yesterday afternoon.

her day today has been a bit better. she hasnt yet been able to keep down anything but clear liquids. she even threw up her blessed diet dr pepper that she had been asking for for so long. :( but they are going to try to feed her solids for dinner and see how it goes. she has also seen physical and occupational therapists today.. they mostly worked on sitting up but even that is so painful.

poor thing. i hate to see her like this. i really wish i could just do it for her.. please continue to lift her up. its going to be a little while before she is herself again.

happy birthday handsome..

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear chicken, dada, unkle kp, ky-le,
happy birthday to you!

we love you! hope you have a great day...or at least an awesome round of golf. ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

nascar spring 2009

for kp's birthday weekend we made our semi annual trip to the texas motor speedway.. this year we were 'grown-ups' with our own rv {a rental..were not THAT grown-up yet}.. the plan was a 96 hr hiatus. my parents stayed at our house with the littles. our vacation was cut short by a few hours but not by much! we had a GREAT time! we always do..

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