Monday, April 20, 2009

two weeks later..

this afternoon marks one week since my mom was relocated to rehab. her week long stay has been rather uneventful altho three hours a day of physical therapy are physically exhausting.. and almost three weeks since she has been in her own home are becoming emotionally exhausting too. she has made great progress in healing..but she has a long road a head of her. her visit with her surgeon today and her medical dr tomorrow will give us a better idea of how long that road will be. today she has to travel to her surgeons office to have the staples removed from her incisions and for her leg to be recasted. she is so nervous about the visit as well as the drive. she hasnt yet ridden in a car {she was transported by ambulance to and from the hospital}. she is anxious about that part for sure. she is also anxious about taking out the staples.. what her leg will look like.. how much it will hurt.. what if he says she cant go home.. you name it... she's worried about it. i am praying for a calm still peace of mind for her. as well as a good report from the dr. if he is satisfied with her progress..the medical dr will like say she can go home tomorrow. HOME! she is so ready.. cross your fingers. say a prayer. think good thoughts. send her your love... she needs support today. i love you mom!!


terry said...

Tell your Mom that she is being prayed for. I hope the news is nothing but positive today!

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...


I hope that her stay in rehab went well and that the diagnoses were positive.

Love to all.