Monday, April 13, 2009

its been one week..

and mom is finally doing lots better! she was even able to take a wheel chair ride yesterday around the hospital! unless she has any other unforeseeable set backs she should be ready to leave the hospital by wed or thurs. they have to get the blood thinners to a certain % in her blood stream..they are still using injections with her oral meds to increase the % more quickly than with oral meds alone. they are doing daily pt/inr testing and when they are comfortable with her levels..and her pneumonia is completely clear she will be released. she is continuing physical therapy while she is in the hospital.. hopefully that will decrease the rehabilitation time. and most notable in my book.. her spirits are much higher and that makes us feel so much better! thanks for all your prayers and concern!

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Kyle Vannoy said...

Hey, we never got a chance to leave the convention this weekend but we really wanted to go see your mom. Tell her we are sorry we didn't get to see her and we love her. We'll see her when she gets home.