Tuesday, April 14, 2009

they said she had to go to rehab...

today they transferred mom from centennial medical center in frisco to twin creeks rehabilitation hospital in allen. her pt/inr was exactly where it needed to be this morning.. and her chest xray looked better. both of those things will allow her to use only oral medication going forward and no use for an iv = no use for a hospital! very good news! the drs recommended the facility in allen for several reason. the possibility of developing another blood clot and the tragic complications that could result if she were on the road between here and childress arent worth the risk. and she will have 3 hours daily of physical/occupational therapy (as opposed to the 1 hour she might get in other facilities) and hopefully she will only have to be there for a week to ten days! if all goes well she will be able to go HOME by the end of next week with home-health assistance for a few weeks.. that all sounds better than 4 more weeks in the hospital in childress! she is still in a lot of pain and she will have to cont to wear oxygen when she is sleeping to offset the decreased o2 sats due to the blood clot in her rt lung but she is doing so much better! FINALLY! yay! we love you mom!!


Amy said...

Bless her heart! I am so glad she is doing better! Tell her hello from the Hortons. I'm not really even sure we've ever met you mom, but hey, its Childress!! We all know each other around here!!;)

Nikki said...

SO glad to hear she's doing so much better! What a nightmare to have to go through all of this...but very happy it's all coming to an end soon.

She's still in my thoughts and prayers, and she's very lucky to have you as a daughter! God Bless you guys.

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry that I didn't keep up after I read the post about your mom's fall.

On the lung clot problem, that happened to my mom after an operation that she had many years ago. Thank goodness that the diagnosis and treatment for such things is so much better.

I'm really glad that she will be doing two weeks in rehab. That will be much easier on her than driving back and forth in the car.

Please tell you whole family hello and that I will be thinking good thoughts for your mom.

Love you real big.