Thursday, March 27, 2008

one awesome vacation.. im just sayin.

vacation!! last year.. same time.. we vacationed in red river, new mexico with my parents. we had such a good time we decided to have a re-do! and the cardwell's and minchey's wanted to come along! the pics from last year crack me up! korb was so little! i definitely hadnt lost all my preggo weight! anyway..not the point - at all! we had a great time..and i took WAY too many pictures. so im going to let them tell the story!
the fun began on thursday.. (march 13) instead of doing some much needed packing..we all ended up going out to dinner in downtown mckinney. it was an awesome kick off. and it let us make a plan for friday. which we did not stick to. oh well.. its vacation - right?
out to dinner at cadillac pizza pub..
kyle, are you ready for vacation?
shhh.. dont tell but i think weve started early!

korb, how bout you?

ummm..we have to driver how far?? friday. the plan was to meet at our house at 6ish. load the tahoes and get on the road. we would stop around 8 for dinner. at 530 it became clear to everyone that 6 was not going to happen. so we decided to eat on our own ahead of time to eliminate the need to stop. when everyone arrived a little after 7..and the guys got all the loading done we were just about ready to go. my coat and my kids coats were laying on the dining room table. kyle asked if they were to go in the car..i said yes please! what a disaster that would be the mountains with no coats!

quietly from the table we all heard, 'crap..i think i forgot my coat.' it was kelly.. oh well, good that she had remembered it then! so we left town by way of frisco to pick it up. finally on the road a little after 8 we headed up preston to 380. just about that time my mom called. expecting that we were only a couple of hours away. i explained that we were just running behind and that kelly had forgotten her coat. she giggled.

quietly from the drivers seat i heard, 'crap..i think i forgot my coat.' kyle. oh well, good thing he had remembered it then! so we turned around.. we were finally on the road a little after 9.

the kids were fast asleep before we made it out of town again. they were ready to go!

we arrived at my parents house around 130 AM. all found a comfy place to crash and slept from 230ish til 630. i think the look on kennedys face tells how we were all feeling as we got back in the car again!

korb was so glad to see nana and papa.. and their snacks. whatcha got nana?

now this is what i call a road trip!

ok..this pic needs a little explanation. before we left childress on saturday morning, my mom and i made a trip over to visit a family friend. he was kind enough to let me borrow a REAL camera for the trip! it was awesome! but that left korb back at the house for someone else to get dressed for the day. papa drew the short straw and had to change his morning diaper. along about lunch time..some 4 hours or more later..we discovered that the diaper papa had put on him wasnt on so well. and basically he had just been naked under his jammies all morning. he was soaked..and so was his carseat!
this was our last stop before heading into the mountains..
everyone was getting a little stir crazy!

i think kennedy was checking to see if nicoles 'cave' was as cramped as hers!


hey! who turned off shrek???

are those lotto tix your holding??

papa, lets run for it! i dont wanna get back in!!

derek seemed a little over the long stops..

no, please! i thought this was it! ive been so good..why would you make me get back in my seat!?!?! cant we just stay here for vacation?

nana's sunglasses seemed to do the trick.. he was all smiles for the rest of the trip!

a movie on the laptop made the rest of the drive pass quickly for sis

and finally we arrive!

this pic of ava makes me laugh!
its like, are you sure this is it? im so tired i cant see straight!

thanks for driving kyle!!!

so everybody was ready to chill for a while...

and korb just wanted to go outside.
please, cole, c'mon!!

after a great dinner we called it an early night..

on sunday..kyle took kennedy for her first snowboard lesson in the morning.. while nana, papa, korb and i went to church. and then nana and i spent the afternoon at the slopes watching the class.

Click to play snowboarding 2008

while kyle snowboarded with derek.

all in all i think everyone had an great day!

on monday, all the skiers in the group drove to angel fire to see a little different scenery. nana and i planned to spend the day with korb and the cardwells shopping in red river. we bundled korb and ava up in their new boots and mittens.. well, we tried to, but korb would not leave his on! we got them all bundled up..took some pics because they were ADORABLE! and then decided we should get some lunch before we got started shopping. mom suggested a mexican food rest..which was perfect for aaron, kelly and i. then she told us it was across the street! poor little took forever to get them go across the street! oh well, cute pics!

after lunch and a little souvenir shopping we stopped by my 2 favorite stores..the candy shoppes!

when we got back to the condo.. korb wanted to play on the deck.
i LOVE these pics!

Click to play korb on the deck

later that was hot tub time!

what do you mean?? its not cold out here..

hey nana, what do you think papa is up to?
enjoying a little peace and quiet!
nicole's boots cracked me up! so cute.. and genius to wear them to the hot tub!
i think this is the only pic of me during the entire vacation..
after much debate.. we decided on italian for dinner. the food was not great..but the company made up for it! it was nice to get the entire group out for one evening!
hey trying to eat!

korb..where'd you get that twizzler? i didnt see that on the menu
after dinner..with the little people tucked snuggly in their beds..and nana & pop keeping a watchful eye.. we went out for a little st patty's day celebration!

come on girls..lets go already! and by girls..he meant aaron!
hi cole!
so, while we awaited mr cardwell..kyle told us about this 'look' that he had been seeing derek make when things were not going his way on vacation. of course derek denied 'the look' so kyle gave us his best impersonation so we could be on the look out for 'the look'.
funny seems that i had captured 'the look' earlier that day at the hot tub with out even trying!!! no denying it now D-ROCK!
the group out for the evening..

we went back to the same bar we had visited on st patty's last year..and ran into some of the same locals.
rooster..the original irish boy.
tiger wood.. aka felix the youth ski instructor.
not sure i want that guy teaching my kid anything!

the door guy who looks like my uncle larry..
and this wooden bear with an umbrella that kyle is fond of.. ;)
did anyone know that kelly and i have the same color eyes?
anyways, we had a great time and we got home pretty late..
we packed up the next morning..
reluctantly took a group picture..
and set out for texas.

thanks cardwells!

and mincheys for joining us!! i wasnt quite finished with the camera!
so there are a few pics from the drive home..
i volunteered to sit in the WAY back seat. kennedy was grateful.
my view.. into our tahoe.
my view..into theirs.
korb was done with pictures..
God bless this burger king.. and please keep us safe from all the evil spirits derek wished upon it with 'the look'!
nice hat sis.

my turn to drive pop. YOU get in the carseat!
i can do it, i promise! nana-tell him!!!
thats it.. or how i remember it anyway! im just saying.. it was awesome!