Thursday, March 13, 2008

just a few things..

so, with the craziness of last weeks surgery, i missed blogging about a few things i REALLY meant to write about. hate that. so im gonna make a short & sweet catch up post...

FIRST~ happy birthday to my blog! i cant believe ive successfully kept up with this for an entire year! i love it! and i love looking back and rereading old posts about the kids.. thanks again to sarah for the inspiration to get started! ...i was looking back to see the date my blog was actually 'born' (march 3) and this was the first pic ever on the blog. cracked me up. so i tried to get a recent one of the same pose. not as easy with a 18 mo old as a 6 mo old.. but pretty close.

SECOND~ happy birthday to sammy b! ..missed blogging about it (last saturday) but i didnt miss getting to see him for a minute and telling him in person. again..i was looking back at last years birthday post.. gonna take a lesson from my 'friend' nathan and recycle it! well not literally but its a good read - if anyone is interested. happy birthday sam. i hope you had an awesome weekend. this is a really old pic..but i love it! and i dont have a new one..

THIRD~ a special thank you to nick and jenny! a couple of weeks ago jenny called to see if we would like to take kennedy to see hanna montana in concert. ummm, yea! but we dont have a billion dollars to spend on tix! so, nick was able to get a couple of tickets to see her at the houton rodeo. the only dilemma being the concert was on sunday night. two problems there.. we dont live in houston. and korb was not his normal happy self because he just had surgery. somehow..with their help we were able to pull it off! it was a REALLY long day but well worth the smile on her face! i wish i could share that smile with you..but unfortunately we were running really late for the concert and i forgot to take the camera inside... so stupid. but we did get a couple of pics dressed up and on our way.. it was a blast! thanks you guys for everything!!!

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