Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i know a girl named erin denise...

so.. luckily the rest of the lyrics of that song were erased by a drink or two! but the memory of a great night out with the girls definitely was not! last saturday was erin kennedy's birthday and we celebrated in true GNO fashion!!! dinner at blue goose.. and then a night out at pete's piano bar. not all of us made it to dinner (thats why i dont have any pics!) but..then again not all of us made it to pete's. pregnant? seriously, is that a good excuse to miss out on a smokey overcrowded piano bar? ok ok.. i will admit. its a little better than just being habitually late and missing dinner! sorry erin!! we tried REALLY hard to be there between 530 and 6. it just wasnt in the cards. however, we had an awesome time at pete's! it was a great idea! and i hope you had a super birthday! here are a few of the pics i ended up with.. there were a couple of other cameras being passed around.. i'll add more when i receive the links from jackie..and jackie. i had a blast!!! and thanks to aaron for driving!!

the group at pete's..
jammi, kelly, nicole, erin, jackie p, jackie..erins friend from CA
love the cheesy smiles!
i think this is a great one of erin, cole and kel!
smile guys!
ok.. now you two smile.
lets see.. maybe we could get one of the other 1000 people in this bar to take a pic of the 3 of us together! genius..
i know this one is fuzzy..hopefully jackie got a better one so that i can replace it.
i think things were getting fuzzy for most of us by this time of the night....
i think these are the pics christy was hoping to see..
more craziness
and then we called it a night! the valet guys were sad to see us go..

i cannot tell a lie.. there are a few more pics. email me if you would like to see the ones that didnt make the blog! so much fun! cant wait to do it again!!! one last happy birthday shout out to erin! love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nikki said...

Oh I'm bummed I missed out on this one! But...I had good reasons :)

I look forward to the next GNO. I miss you girls!