Tuesday, November 30, 2010

almost courtside at the mavs..

so when you were FOUR and you went your first [for bex] or second [for korb] ever professional basketball game [yea right!], did you get to set almost courtside?  ME EITHER!!  in fact.. i was thirty-something at the game we attended last night and it was the closest ive been by FARRR!!

kp's best friend from high school, actually coaches basketball at their hometown high school, had the priveledge of coaching his girls on the court at the american airlines center yesterday.  kp spent the afternoon cheering them on and the plan was for the kids and i to join all of the for the mavericks game in the evening.  i thought i would just jump on craigslist.com and find last minute tickets [you know..my usual plan =)] - before making my fabulous little brother came thru with freebies - even better!  it wasnt apparent what a deal we had made until we made our way to fabulous seats!!

 side note -- let me tell you about my little salesman korb convinced kennedy that it would be better for him to take a buddy this time if she would give up her seat and he would let her go next time with a friend and give up his seat.. if only she had known we would be sitting SO close =))  THANK YOU UNCLE NICKIE!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

CHILDRESS!!, thanksgiving, papa's birthday and santa..

..now thats a GRRRREAT weekend!!  =)) like most thanksgivings we spent three days and three nights in action packed childress, texas visiting my mom and dad.  we had a WONDERFUL time!! my daddys birthday is nov 25 [which was thanksgiving day this year] so we got to do a WHOLE lot of celebrating.  my favorite part was the pumpkin pie.  im pretty sure kps favorite part was the trip to galvans on friday or maybe his round of golf with his best buddy brye..  and im positive that the highlight of the weekend for kennedy, korbie and maggie was the trip to see santa on friday night. [and somehow i only got pics of their favorite part.. ]  it was REALLY really REALLY cold outside.  but we endured the line. smiled, albeit fakely, for a few photos and voila - now we have a blog post to show for it. =)) altho im sure these pics tell the story themselves.. i feel the need to narrate. =) soooooo here we go. 

korbie clearly wasnt ready but i love the way he is looking at daddy.
 there they are!!  my boys.. 
 my beautiful mom with ken and maggie!  ..it was SO cold. 
 terrible pic but korb makes me smile.
 FAKEST smiles EVER!
 the little with santa 2010!! 
 and finally a close up.. talking to santa is serious business!!  =))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tattoo tuesday!

with all of thanksgiving week off, we planned to take care of the business of settling up our world series bet on tuesday.  tattoo tuesday!  and as fate would have it - that very tuesday just happened to be the day that Josh Hamilton was named AL MVP - coincidence?  wow! =)

almost every inked person we know in the area said that saint & sinners in carrolton was THE place to go. we had stressed over what to get and where to put it for weeks.. but our appointment day we were pretty calm and collected.  we had lunch on the patio at OTB.  then took a nap. =) ahhhh lazy vacation staycataion days are THE BEST!  and the rest as they say is history.  a permanent reminder...

ok.. so maybe he was a little nervous 
maybe it was the decor that was creeping him out??
but not me.. i was TOTALLY calm and collected.. 
yea righttttttttttt!
 [thank you katie & kristina for getting these lovely shots of yours truly ;)]

and.. im done - with my [wimpy compared to kps] beautiful tattoo!
 a little love for my love. he was just about over it more than an hour and a half later.. 
 and there you go.. a day in the life - tattoo tuesday.  =)  lets do that again!  and again!  and again!  
i promise to post healed pictures toooo!!!  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ray w stacey in a word. amazing

a little background.  @staceywaceyOKC is one of my buddies from high school!  one of those havent seen in AGES, reconnect on FB and promises to keep in better touch friends.  only usually 'keeping in touch' just means FBing, commenting on statuses and watching each others lifes happen through pictures [which is wonderful] but for stace and i it has turned into SO much more than that.  weve made time to hang out IN PERSON no less than 5 times in the last year [admittedly - she always comes here but im working on that - i will GO TO HER in 2011. committed]  ive met 'her friends' [LOVE THEM] and she has spent time with 'my friends' too!  i can honestly, with out a doubt, tell you that stacey is not just a friend from high school or a FB friend, she is my friend!  right now.  in my everyday.  and i love her.
collage by SP

so.. on  with my ray story.   i got a random text from stacey in october asking if i was a Ray Lamontagne fan and if i would like to see him in concert?  never heard of him.  =( but its no secret that i love music or that concerts, LIVE music, is my favorite thing!   so im game!!  a little research.
a little craigslist shopping and tada -- sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet seats and a confirmed date with my bestie!! 

 i was honestly SO excited to hang out with her.. and to see something new!  but i had NO IDEA what a treat i was in for.  ABSOLUTELY amazing!

yep.. we were THAT close!!

AMAZING i tell you!  it turns out that ray was opening for levon helm which turned out to be a treat for both of us!  if you dont know anything about levon you should read his bio,  and then wonder if you will be able to do any of this when you are his age??

totally loving this new/old friendship and making brand new memories everytime we see each other.  win-win. =) & LOVEloveLOVE you staceywaceyOKC.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a rocky balboa style boxing champion + an 80s style punk rocker =

halloweeeeeeeeeeeen 2010. =) and a cast of supporting friends.. of course.

IMG_2530eIMG_2544eIMG_2550e (1)IMG_2553eIMG_2555eIMG_2558eIMG_2564eIMG_2559eIMG_2560eIMG_2562eIMG_2568e                 and.. some scenery from around the ‘hood. =)IMG_2569e IMG_2571e IMG_2573e IMG_2574eIMG_2579eIMG_2581eIMG_2583e
the scene at this house.. definitely changed korbs night.  its all fun and games til you see a dead girl laying around. ;)  to hear him tell the story he knew she was just pretending all along.  but im not so sure. =)
IMG_2587eIMG_2589eIMG_2591eIMG_2593e        IMG_2594e the boys of pine ridge estates. halloween 2010 was a success!IMG_2597e