Tuesday, November 30, 2010

almost courtside at the mavs..

so when you were FOUR and you went your first [for bex] or second [for korb] ever professional basketball game [yea right!], did you get to set almost courtside?  ME EITHER!!  in fact.. i was thirty-something at the game we attended last night and it was the closest ive been by FARRR!!

kp's best friend from high school, actually coaches basketball at their hometown high school, had the priveledge of coaching his girls on the court at the american airlines center yesterday.  kp spent the afternoon cheering them on and the plan was for the kids and i to join all of the for the mavericks game in the evening.  i thought i would just jump on craigslist.com and find last minute tickets [you know..my usual plan =)] - before making my fabulous little brother came thru with freebies - even better!  it wasnt apparent what a deal we had made until we made our way to fabulous seats!!

 side note -- let me tell you about my little salesman korb convinced kennedy that it would be better for him to take a buddy this time if she would give up her seat and he would let her go next time with a friend and give up his seat.. if only she had known we would be sitting SO close =))  THANK YOU UNCLE NICKIE!!!

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