Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tattoo tuesday!

with all of thanksgiving week off, we planned to take care of the business of settling up our world series bet on tuesday.  tattoo tuesday!  and as fate would have it - that very tuesday just happened to be the day that Josh Hamilton was named AL MVP - coincidence?  wow! =)

almost every inked person we know in the area said that saint & sinners in carrolton was THE place to go. we had stressed over what to get and where to put it for weeks.. but our appointment day we were pretty calm and collected.  we had lunch on the patio at OTB.  then took a nap. =) ahhhh lazy vacation staycataion days are THE BEST!  and the rest as they say is history.  a permanent reminder...

ok.. so maybe he was a little nervous 
maybe it was the decor that was creeping him out??
but not me.. i was TOTALLY calm and collected.. 
yea righttttttttttt!
 [thank you katie & kristina for getting these lovely shots of yours truly ;)]

and.. im done - with my [wimpy compared to kps] beautiful tattoo!
 a little love for my love. he was just about over it more than an hour and a half later.. 
 and there you go.. a day in the life - tattoo tuesday.  =)  lets do that again!  and again!  and again!  
i promise to post healed pictures toooo!!!  

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