Monday, November 29, 2010

CHILDRESS!!, thanksgiving, papa's birthday and santa.. thats a GRRRREAT weekend!!  =)) like most thanksgivings we spent three days and three nights in action packed childress, texas visiting my mom and dad.  we had a WONDERFUL time!! my daddys birthday is nov 25 [which was thanksgiving day this year] so we got to do a WHOLE lot of celebrating.  my favorite part was the pumpkin pie.  im pretty sure kps favorite part was the trip to galvans on friday or maybe his round of golf with his best buddy brye..  and im positive that the highlight of the weekend for kennedy, korbie and maggie was the trip to see santa on friday night. [and somehow i only got pics of their favorite part.. ]  it was REALLY really REALLY cold outside.  but we endured the line. smiled, albeit fakely, for a few photos and voila - now we have a blog post to show for it. =)) altho im sure these pics tell the story themselves.. i feel the need to narrate. =) soooooo here we go. 

korbie clearly wasnt ready but i love the way he is looking at daddy.
 there they are!!  my boys.. 
 my beautiful mom with ken and maggie! was SO cold. 
 terrible pic but korb makes me smile.
 FAKEST smiles EVER!
 the little with santa 2010!! 
 and finally a close up.. talking to santa is serious business!!  =))

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