Thursday, November 11, 2010

ray w stacey in a word. amazing

a little background.  @staceywaceyOKC is one of my buddies from high school!  one of those havent seen in AGES, reconnect on FB and promises to keep in better touch friends.  only usually 'keeping in touch' just means FBing, commenting on statuses and watching each others lifes happen through pictures [which is wonderful] but for stace and i it has turned into SO much more than that.  weve made time to hang out IN PERSON no less than 5 times in the last year [admittedly - she always comes here but im working on that - i will GO TO HER in 2011. committed]  ive met 'her friends' [LOVE THEM] and she has spent time with 'my friends' too!  i can honestly, with out a doubt, tell you that stacey is not just a friend from high school or a FB friend, she is my friend!  right now.  in my everyday.  and i love her.
collage by SP

so.. on  with my ray story.   i got a random text from stacey in october asking if i was a Ray Lamontagne fan and if i would like to see him in concert?  never heard of him.  =( but its no secret that i love music or that concerts, LIVE music, is my favorite thing!   so im game!!  a little research.
a little craigslist shopping and tada -- sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet seats and a confirmed date with my bestie!! 

 i was honestly SO excited to hang out with her.. and to see something new!  but i had NO IDEA what a treat i was in for.  ABSOLUTELY amazing!

yep.. we were THAT close!!

AMAZING i tell you!  it turns out that ray was opening for levon helm which turned out to be a treat for both of us!  if you dont know anything about levon you should read his bio,  and then wonder if you will be able to do any of this when you are his age??

totally loving this new/old friendship and making brand new memories everytime we see each other.  win-win. =) & LOVEloveLOVE you staceywaceyOKC.

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stacey said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUU!!! More unforgettable memories to be made bestie!! <3