Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

korbies summer 2012 [day one]

last thursday was korbies final day of pre-k.  and today is officially his first day of  [haha everybody else has something to do today except me] summer.  and he is just a wee bit excited..

..suddenly that hair that was way too long for the last two weeks of school is completely perfect. day weekend in the sun has given him a pretty sweet glow.
..his attire is as random as it gets.
...unless he is forced - he probably will not wear a shirt again for months.
..that cheesy grin melts mommy everytime.
and i love him as much as i love summer time in texas. =)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

pre K graduation!!

in texas you have to be 5 by september 1st in order to start kindergarten that year.  korbie turned 5 last year two days before september 1st.  we had always planned to wait until he turned 6 before sending him to kinder.. we would much rather him be the oldest than the youngest.  =)  however.. it means he had to go to pre K one more year.  he graduated from pre K at FBC mckinney with Dalton last spring so we decided to find another program for him to attend this year.  we were able to work out a carpool plan with his long-time buddy Gracyn. =)  Gracyn was one of the first babies in my little daycare.  she and Korbie go all the way back to 2007.. ;) 
halloween 2007
christmas 2012

 they had a great year in pre K together!  and yesterday they graduated!! =) cant believe they are so big!   

**thank you Kari for sticking it out thru the whole year!  it means so much to me to have friends like you!