Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just a few recent pics that make me happy...

pretty sure this was pre-hair cut.. but still pretty sweet
chillin in the back yard listening to her ipod
eating breakfast together.. one of their new favorite thingskorb and bex 'playing' the piano. how cute are they!

Monday, April 28, 2008

my 15th show! ...the edited version

we saw jimmy buffett saturday at pizza hut park.. and it was my 15th show!! so crazy.. i have awesome stories to tell from each one! ...and ive decided to tell a little pc of those stories. more for me than anyone else. SO if you'd like you can just FF to the pics from saturday. theyll be at the end of the post..

let the reminiscing begin.. ok. before you think im a COMPLETE freak..i dont have ticket stubs from EVERY show. but i did find this awesome tour archives site that is a wealth of info!! i just thought i could remember them all before -- then i saw the set lists -- priceless! its mostly the encores and a special, not-so-songs-you-know-by-heart, tune or two thrown in that make the memories flow.

  • 1998..dont stop the carnival tour -- november -irvine meadows ampitheatre in irvine, ca my very first show! my buddy dawn (and a couple of guys we usta know) had pretty good seats. and while i was too new to appreciate much more than actually having my fins up in jimmy's presence - the encores with brian wilson, california girs & surfin usa, are not something i will soon forget. was that really almost 10 years ago?
  • 1999..beach house on the moon tour (2 shows) -- PREGNANT..kennedy made it to both of these shows..the second one was only 4 weeks before she was born! -- june - nissan pavillion in bristow, va this was my first show with the biggest parrothead ive ever known.. love ya heather! my friend mike (you know who im talking about.. bald mike) from jersey came down. i was also about 6 months pregnant with kennedy! im a huge fan of this album so i was excited to hear all the new stuff. despite a near brawl in the parking lot afterwards (heather i know you are giggling!) it was an awesome show!

  • & aug - merriweather post in columbia, md -- its sister show later that summer was a different story. let me set the stage.. i was 36 weeks along with kennedy. had to get special permission from my dr to go out of town for the weekend.. it rained the entire show.. and we had lawn 'seats'. definitely the most interesting show i have EVER attended. wouldnt change it for the world!
  • 2000..tuesday, thursday, saturday tour (2 shows) -- june - VA BEACH! finally a hometown show! clint black was a special guest.. love that guy. very cool. and complete with a sea plane dropping off the man himself!

  • & aug - merriweather post in columbia, md -- of course we had to GO somewhere to see buffett in 2000. what better place than merriweather post. havent been back since.. what a cool venue.

  • 2001..a beach odyssey tour -- sept - nissan pavillion in bristow, va very cool set of children in the sand, desperation samba, grapefruit-juicy fruit.. you dont get that stuff every year!

  • 2002..far side of the world tour (2 shows) -- april - greensboro, nc hmmm.. what to say about this show. its definitely one of those events you look back on with a smile..but more because its over than anything. ;) we had pretty bad seats.. in a coliseum where the acoustics were not great. and its really too bad because it was probably the longest concert ive ever been to. and its the only time ive ever heard the lost verse. thats awesome!

  • & june - nissan pavillion in bristow, va ..this one made up for the craziness of the one before! both my girls were there for the first time! and it was GREAT!

  • 2003..the tiki time tour -- july - nissan pavillion in bristow, va gypsies in the palace.. AND the wino and i know.. what more could you ask for!

  • 2004..the license to chill tour (2 shows) -- may - texas stadium in dallas strait, alan jackson and jimmy buffett. should have been amazing. but somehow there were just too many people at this show.

  • & july - nissan pavillion in bristow, va my last show on the east coast. that makes me a little sad. fourth of july weekend.. and one (if not the only time) ive ever asked.. WHAT DO THE LADIES SAY.. and jimmy answered me with a little pascagoula run.

  • 2005..salty piece of land tour -- november - las vegas also.. my wedding day! pretty incredible. highlights..jenn, jeff, ang! and first look...

  • 2006..the party at the end of the world -- april - smirnoff ampitheater in dallas ..pregnant with korb. only show ive ever been to WITH my brown-eyed girl. and the only show ive ever taken a cab to.. :)

  • 2007..the bama breeze tour -- april - pizza hut park in frisco, tx WHAT A SHOW! definitely the only show ive ever been in the second row for! not the first..but the best (by far) show ive ever been to with my little brother.

  • 2008..the year of still here tour -- april - pizza hut park in frisco, tx and finally.. NUMBER 15! the entire day was great.. but im sure that for years to come my favorite story will be about kyle almost missing miss you so badly. he literally only made it back to his seat for the last note.. but the fact that he was out of breath from trying so hard to get back to me made it perfect. LOVE YOU!
our crew was limited to just kyle and i.. but that was totally ok with me. dont get me wrong.. we missed you guys (nick, jenny, ang, jen, jeff, cheryl, david, heather...) but somehow we managed to have a good time. and you were each there with us in spirit! we did meet up with a few new friends.. well, an old friend of kyles from college, (shes new to me :)!) we shared their friends.. and they shared our cornhole boards. pretty good teamwork.

we arrived a little later than originally planned.. kyle was not happy about that!

but i was READY to hang out!!!!

kyle definitely wore a grass skirt all day.. and thats definitely not our cooler he is sitting on?

thanks for sharing your friends and fam CARA!

so sweet!

at a tiki bar..

careful dada!

nice..random..tiki bar owners

a pirate hat..a monkey? not sure what thats about.

the coolest station wagon ever

and we were off.. to have an awesome time in awesome seats!

thanks again jimmy.. if youre reading this.. i love you big. and i CANNOT wait to see you again.

ps - cara's friend matt took tons of pictures with an awesome camera. i will post those as soon as they share!

she's back!

its been quite some time since weve seen blond jammi..but she has resurfaced and i didnt realise how much i had missed her! i did a little background work.. and its definitely the same jammi from

2004 and 2005

when, btw, everyone seemed a little more blond!

looks like the transition to brunette happened sometime around my class reunion in 2005.

when i was reunited with this super blond!

wait!!! i found one more i want to share...

obviously cropped out of a much larger picture --- but thats a super blond kelly!!!

summer is here! (....well, it was on friday and according to its coming back soon) so i say its time to lighten up!

Monday, April 21, 2008

korb got a haircut!!!

i know.. i know.. some of you are breathing a sigh of relief. and others are SAD! but before anyone gets too excited either way -- i must admit that i was NOT willing to say good bye to those precious curls. mostly i just wanted to get the hair out of his eyes and make some sense of the WAY long parts on top. so saturday he and i went to a kids cut place and took care of business! we are ALL so happy with the results... altho korb wasnt happy with the actual process. imagine that.. korb 'scary' of something. ...he survived. and he looks adorable! his hair is actually curlier than it was before..

trying out all the chairs to find the best fit.
did i mention that he cried?
the girl who did the cutting was awesome!
she did exactly what i that!
lets get out of here mom!

team palmer look-alike-meter

still not convinced there's any science here.. but jenny requested in this post that we all give it a try.. so here are team palmer's look alike meters.

apparently, kennedy looks equally like kyle and i. hmmm.

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

however i did find one child that seems to look significantly more like one parent! well, as significant as this look-alike-meter gets..
that's my boy!

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebs - Collage - Morph

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the stress is over.. now we just have to count down!

its almost that time again.. for my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DAY of the year. last year we bought presale tickets to see buffett in sec d row 20ish at pizza hut park in frisco tx. we paid well over 300.00 bucks for them. brother and sister-in-law bought tix the day of the show on stub hub in sec d row 2 for about half the face value (it could have been more than fact, everytime i recount the story i think the price they paid gets less and less. pretty soon they will have been free)! needless to say we were not happy.. so this year kyle talked me into waiting til now to buy them.. he was right - they are selling for less than face.. but i have been so stressed ALL week about getting the right seats and not paying too much for them. ive ebayed, stub hubbed, craiglisted til i was tired of looking! but all of my research has finally paid off. im excited to say that our one particular harbor this year will be section C row 37! and the winning bid was 152.50 (plus shipping) i love ebay! and i love buffett.. c-ya soon jimmy! i cant wait!

stayin at a holiday inn full of cone heads..
i guess they meet there once a year...

Friday, April 18, 2008

jesus loves me..

please excuse the macamoni all over his table and the upside-down-sippy-cup. he performs best in the highchair!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

our week in review..

im not sure what happened to this week.. but its basically over already! seems crazy.. i think ive just been a day off for some reason, all week.. and that messes with your head. yesterday kennedy came home from school BEGGING for money for the ice cream truck.. which makes its rounds thru our neighborhood on wednesdays. after arguing that i didnt have any cash..i thought to myself..and changed my argument to.. 'wait its not even wednesday!' she said 'YES IT IS!' i said 'no its not. its tuesday..check your panties!' (she has several sets of days of the week panties.. she wears them often.. they dont have to 'match' her outfit if they are the right day, ya know? less work for me when getting her ready in the AM) so she drops her pants.. in the playroom. 'look mom, wednesday. you must have known what day it was this morning!' hate it when shes right! she reminded me that she did not have school on monday.. it was an extra bad weather day they didnt have to use.. so thats probably why im all out of whack on what day it is. she is probably right, again. smarty pants! anyway..i didnt want to miss blogging about a few fun things that have gone on in the last week.

for starters, my entire family was here this past weekend! nana, papa, nick, jenny and dalto! think its the first time weve all been together under one roof since korb turned 1. i think.. i could be wrong. none the less.. it was a first for something. korb and dalton had the BEST time together EVER. dont get me wrong, they always play together well.. but this time they seemed to genuinely enjoy it! all the pics i took kinda stink. but jenny did a GREAT job of capturing the moment in this post. THANK YOU JENNY!

on sunday we were lazy, lazy, lazy. and it was AWESOME! we did watch most of the masters.. korb is learning all about golf. check out this little clip. tiger woo.. genius.

on monday.. kennedy didnt have school. so..she was home with us all day! we really had fun hanging out together. gracy and her fam are on vacation this week, baby james' dad decided to stay home since their older kids were out of school too, and madelyns mom picked her up SUPER early.. it was almost like another day off for me too! kyle went to the rangers game with his boss after work --- so the little k's and i made a date with kelly, ava and nicole. we met them at chick fil a around 6. korb and kennedy played in the playplace FOREVER! he had tons more fun than she did. his allergies and reactive-airway-disorder (which is basically asthma w/o out calling it that) have been OUT-OF-CONTROL this week. kennedy brought him out of the playplace more than once because he was coughing and wheezing but he did not seem to care. such a boy! when she finally decided he had had enough.. such a mom!.. we all decided to take a stroll thru target. now..let me first say..i have been threatened not to post this. but its too cute not to. so ill just have to deal with the consequences. during our stroll..we ended up on the hair accessories aisle. they had the cutest little girl hair clips. i told kelly and cole - that being COMPLETELY anti-bangs for myself and poor kennedy by default - she had LIVED with a clip of some sort in the front of her hair from around her first birthday when her hair started to get in her eyes..until she was, i dunno, probably 4. :) literally. then i spotted this yellow clip with a yellow flower on the end that reminded me of one she used to wear a lot. kelly got out her camera..and..well here's the result. arent they cute! LOVE IT! sorry dada..

and thats it.. a tuesday night stars loss, a wednesday night mavs victory, a 14 inning rangers game and here we are. thursday already! this weekend is supposed to be 'work around the house' weekend. we shall see if that happens................................

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

happy birthday kp!

ok.. for starters - dont worry.. he's been adequately warned that if he is gonna make ridiculous faces on camera they are going to be posted on the blog!
over the weekend we celebrated kyles 34th birthday! the first year we were able to celebrate kyles birthday together-in the same state-we got dressed up and went out to a beautiful dinner at del friscos..drank wine..had great conversation.. that was 31. in 2006.. we went out with an IPOD and flew to new york for a week. that was 32. last year, after a chaotic week of poker table building, we had a pretty big party at our house. the fun is well documented in this post complete with derek and a hula hoop. that was 33. so this year we had to to something grand.. kyle chose.. spend the entire weekend at texas motor speedway for the samsung 500. thats right..nascar. i know what you are thinking..but honestly we had a great time. despite the fact that i could not breath. my asthma was terrible! i coughed ALL weekend.. not the point.. back to kp's bday! after hanging out with sam and the boys on friday night..and sleeping in on saturday morning..which is definitely kyle's favorite thing in the whole-wide-world to do.. we headed out to tms. we got to see lots of kyles cousins and hang out with a group of guys we dont get to see too often. the races themselves were fairly uneventful..but fun just the same. and did you hear that kyle (i mean carl) won the race!

carl.. meet kyle..

kyle's cousin laura had a few left over confetti filled eggs from easter.
what a mess that was! im pretty sure this is kyle missing derek..what a crew..
how long has it been since youve seen all those faces together?

do you know how hard it is to get a good pic with kyle the silly-face-maker?

not great..but ill take it!

hope you had a great birthday weekend honey! thank you to gran-gran and gampa for hanging out with the little k's. they had a blast! and thank you to my daycare parents for letting me catch my breath on monday.. literally! its absolutely exhausting not to be able to breath! i mustve used my inhaler a thousand times! it was nice to have the day to spend some quality time with kyle on the way to east texas AND get some new meds from dr p!

Friday, April 4, 2008

are your cornhole...

...boards as cool as our cornhole boards?!?! probably not.. consider this a friendly challenge!

sometimes its the little things...

on sunday.. my hubby surprised me with a little shopping trip. to where? for what? almost embarrassed to say. but it shows how well he knows me and that makes me very happy so its worth the embarrassment. i have an old friend (or two..) theyve been with me for almost 5 years and they show it! my reefs. i love them. and i dont wanna give them up.

they still have a little tred left on them...sort-of
seeing that i am in desperate need of a pedicure..i had to hire a professional footwear model. good thing he works for cheerios!
and i almost NEVER spend money on myself. so a $40 pair of flip-flops is out of the question. on sunday afternoon kp said, "guess what? (chicken butt) we are going shopping for new reefs today." i said, "that sounds awesome honey..its almost your birthday and you could really use a new pair." he insisted that we would both be getting a new pair. of course i protested. then he told me that he had won a contest at extra $100..and thats what he wanted to do with his extra money. might not sound romantic to most..but it did to me! what a sweetheart! so after two different malls and about 3 hours worth of searching. we both found the perfect pair! now..i cant promise to throw out my old trusties..but we will definitely be seeing a LOT less of them!
tada! new favorite shoes.

and with the model.. if you need his number let me know! thanks honey! i love them.. you are the best!!