Saturday, April 19, 2008

the stress is over.. now we just have to count down!

its almost that time again.. for my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DAY of the year. last year we bought presale tickets to see buffett in sec d row 20ish at pizza hut park in frisco tx. we paid well over 300.00 bucks for them. brother and sister-in-law bought tix the day of the show on stub hub in sec d row 2 for about half the face value (it could have been more than fact, everytime i recount the story i think the price they paid gets less and less. pretty soon they will have been free)! needless to say we were not happy.. so this year kyle talked me into waiting til now to buy them.. he was right - they are selling for less than face.. but i have been so stressed ALL week about getting the right seats and not paying too much for them. ive ebayed, stub hubbed, craiglisted til i was tired of looking! but all of my research has finally paid off. im excited to say that our one particular harbor this year will be section C row 37! and the winning bid was 152.50 (plus shipping) i love ebay! and i love buffett.. c-ya soon jimmy! i cant wait!

stayin at a holiday inn full of cone heads..
i guess they meet there once a year...

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Procida Family said...

YEA Jammi! So glad you got them! You'll have to give me all the scoop on the "Year of Still Here" tour (don't you just love the name)...I keep rubbing it in Phil's face LOL...until it's the year of "not here anymore" he'll continue to dread the day :-)..Love ya! Heather
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