Friday, April 4, 2008

sometimes its the little things...

on sunday.. my hubby surprised me with a little shopping trip. to where? for what? almost embarrassed to say. but it shows how well he knows me and that makes me very happy so its worth the embarrassment. i have an old friend (or two..) theyve been with me for almost 5 years and they show it! my reefs. i love them. and i dont wanna give them up.

they still have a little tred left on them...sort-of
seeing that i am in desperate need of a pedicure..i had to hire a professional footwear model. good thing he works for cheerios!
and i almost NEVER spend money on myself. so a $40 pair of flip-flops is out of the question. on sunday afternoon kp said, "guess what? (chicken butt) we are going shopping for new reefs today." i said, "that sounds awesome honey..its almost your birthday and you could really use a new pair." he insisted that we would both be getting a new pair. of course i protested. then he told me that he had won a contest at extra $100..and thats what he wanted to do with his extra money. might not sound romantic to most..but it did to me! what a sweetheart! so after two different malls and about 3 hours worth of searching. we both found the perfect pair! now..i cant promise to throw out my old trusties..but we will definitely be seeing a LOT less of them!
tada! new favorite shoes.

and with the model.. if you need his number let me know! thanks honey! i love them.. you are the best!!

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