Thursday, April 3, 2008

the circus!

on saturday, while the guys were at a diaper party for jason degele, the girls and i took the kids to the circus! there was a big top in allen.. 3 ring circus. no lions and tigers but there were a few elephants, or elmements as korb calls them.. which, btw, he is terrified of! he was basically terrified of all the animals but he really enjoyed the music and the performers. kennedy was just the opposite. if there was a chance to ride, feed, touch... any of the animals she was the first in line. we had a great time. thanks to kelly & ava, jaime & bex and auntie cole for letting us dragging you out in the not so perfect weather!

so..because korb was screaming and i had to hold him..taking pictures or better yet reviewing the pictures to make sure they were good was impossible. on the elephant kennedy is the 4th kid back..the one with the big flash in front of her face of course.

and this is kennedy on the pony ride.. notice korb screaming in the background. lovely... what a wimp!

he was pretty cute with his buddies tho

for some reason he felt much safer 'holding cole' as he would say. i might have taken him back to the animals more than once.. just to make sure he didnt want to touch them. even tho i was pretty sure he wasnt gonna change his mind.

he did dance it up when the time was right.. this video is really dark but i still love it!

kennedy insisted on going down the 'giant' slide. looked wicked dirty to me but she enjoyed it!

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