Monday, April 28, 2008

she's back!

its been quite some time since weve seen blond jammi..but she has resurfaced and i didnt realise how much i had missed her! i did a little background work.. and its definitely the same jammi from

2004 and 2005

when, btw, everyone seemed a little more blond!

looks like the transition to brunette happened sometime around my class reunion in 2005.

when i was reunited with this super blond!

wait!!! i found one more i want to share...

obviously cropped out of a much larger picture --- but thats a super blond kelly!!!

summer is here! (....well, it was on friday and according to its coming back soon) so i say its time to lighten up!


Kelly said...

i LOVE super blond jammi!!! she's much more fun than brunette jammi..jk!! ;)


Anonymous said...

omigawd, I don't remember the last time I saw super blonde James. By the way, I'm supposed to be doing homework . . .