Sunday, December 1, 2013

november 2013

in early november we took a trip to the hill country with our friends to celebrate our anniversary.  lots of wine.  lots of laughs.  lots of great memories. 

some realllllly cold weather extended korbies baseball season for what seemed like 4 ever!  

the rangers season was over LONG before we bundled up for his last game.  

kennedy had a wonderful weekend babysitting staceywacey's wittles! 
 marco made it to 5 months old!

a trip to the vet for a simple neutering and declaw landed him in an animal hospital for 5 days. very scary after risking our hearts on a new kitty after the heartbreak of losing Gage.  we are very glad that he is going to be ok!

like most years we spent Thanksgiving week in Childress with my parents.  this pic is from the drive home. =) <3 p="">

Friday, November 1, 2013

october 2013

october in pictures... 

a lunch date at school with my Korbie.

a dinner date (and maybe a drink or two at the loon ;)) with my brown eyed girl!

 a night out in NYC with my bestie for her birthday!

a new home for the little ticket.. 

halloween in our new neighborhood.  bitter sweet for sure.  he was Peyton Manning.  she was Baiocco strong. =) 

 we've only ever trick or treated in Pine Ridge Estates.. to say that i was panic stricken when i realized that we would be trick or treating with all new faces is an understatement.  but we ( I ) made it. ;)  the kiddos had a great time and we started some new traditions.  all in all a fun night!   

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

september 2013

in september, Ben asked KP to be a groomsmen in what might go down in history as the coolest wedding ever.  we had a wonderful weekend celebrating the szabos!   

a rangers game.. of course! 

a little top golf with our favorite little buddy Jonathon..

the beginning of Dada's superb mancave of a garage..

i got bronchitis..

we also enjoyed a visit to Texas from one of my very best friends Erin.  we saw each other on our trip to San Fran in august but it was the first time she has been to Texas to visit us in almost 4 years!! 

AND!!  Kennedy Savannah turned 14!  14??? no idea how that happened! =(  we celebrated with a trip to western days in lewisville for an afternoon of block party fun and a evening filled with Casey Donahue.  good times!  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

august 2013

 august = lots of travel.

to New Braunfels with the Mincheys.  where i took one pic.  lol  in Luchenback.  schlitterbahn with the kiddos.  kenn & kaylee together again.  pat green and jason boland at the whitewater ampitheatre.  gallo de cielo.  a trip to luchenback.  a 3 legged chicken. the scenic route home.  7 hours in the car.  wonderful family fun!!!  loved every minute.  

a birthday party with good friends!

more rangers base ball!!
fun at nana & papas!

san francisco with my bestie and my boo!

 a new kitty!  introducing Marco.. 

top golf!

a random pic..

my favorite little bed head. =)

the morning and the evening of the first day of school.  first grade & eighth grade. 

and then the little man turned 7!!  my how time flies when you are having fun!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

july 2013

in july, both kids were away for the 4th of july.  we spent the holiday with the Mincheys and on the 5th we got out of town for a trip to Mexico for the rest of the week!  it was fabulous!

a concert at hanks with Denise & Elaine!

next up.. celebrating the last few days of ben and kara as singles!! the girls went to ft worth..

the boys went to vegas.. and there was a surprise appearance.  i was only a teeeeny tiny bit jealous. =/

stacey and chris made a quick trip to tejas.

they also picked up packages for us to send to Macmed!

and after a week in the city for work, we celebrated 35 years of Nickolis!