Sunday, December 1, 2013

november 2013

in early november we took a trip to the hill country with our friends to celebrate our anniversary.  lots of wine.  lots of laughs.  lots of great memories. 

some realllllly cold weather extended korbies baseball season for what seemed like 4 ever!  

the rangers season was over LONG before we bundled up for his last game.  

kennedy had a wonderful weekend babysitting staceywacey's wittles! 
 marco made it to 5 months old!

a trip to the vet for a simple neutering and declaw landed him in an animal hospital for 5 days. very scary after risking our hearts on a new kitty after the heartbreak of losing Gage.  we are very glad that he is going to be ok!

like most years we spent Thanksgiving week in Childress with my parents.  this pic is from the drive home. =) <3 p="">

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