Wednesday, May 27, 2009

she wears a red sox cap..

this years kenny chesney show was set to kick off the summer on may 2nd at pizza hut park in frisco. unfortunately we had other obligations and didnt plan on attending. but fortunately {for us that is}.. that show was rained out and as a thank you to the fans who did show up despite the weather kenny planned a make up show. SCORE! the second show was sunday the 17th of may and it was AMAZING! the tickets were GA. first come first serve. and the lines were SO long to get inside. but the show was well worth the wait! he played for 3.5+ hours. the first 2.5 hrs were a pretty normal kenny-show.. and the last hour was an awesome set of covers spanning from the police to david allen coe and EVERYTHING in between. im so glad we went.. it might have been the best concert ive ever been too. and thats a BOLD statement. =) the crew=derek and nicole & 3/4ths of team palmer. we let kennedy tag along ;)

kennedy was excited about the entire adventure!
derek was pumped too.. im just sayin
kp was less than thrilled about waiting in line behind 25000{0000} people..
and once we were inside..neither of them were pleased with the hour wait before the show started.
their best fake smiles..
waiting for kenny..
a family pic early in the evening..
when the sun goes down..
happy faces! well worth the wait.. and the price of admission..
images of the rain from the first show.
no rain this time!
derek and nicole {&brayden} sharing a moment during their wedding song. so sweet.
kenny admitted that they hadnt played that song in 6.5 years. derek said now that was worth the price of admission.. :)
kennedy danced the night away for almost 4 hours.
she made lots of friends.. they were amazed that she could sing along with everything. even the really old covers.. gotta love guitar hero.
she danced with her dad..
she danced with her friends..
she danced with her dad..
she danced with her friends..
she danced with her dad..
she danced with her friends..
and she loved every second!
a late night family pic..
thank you kenny for an amazing night! youre the best!

**i think its important to note that kennedy has now been to 2 'real' concerts in addition to the cheetah girls, hannah montana and the jonas brothers. a private pat green show and the most amazing kenny concert ever. she is destined to be disappointed with whatever comes next. poor thing. ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

love these little faces..

i think i forgot to blog about..

our trip to arbuckle wilderness! we drove to o-k-l-a-h-o-m-a..oklahoma one day during spring break.. to see the animals.. and we all had a blast!

i think i will let the photos tell the story..
kennedy LOVES animals.
and these animals LOVE each other!
thats one jacked up grill.
is that an alpaca?
korb says that bison has the BIGGEST tongue in the whole wide world!
zebra. i think this is kelly family mascot?
kyle tried to make friends with a camel..
that camel already had a friend..
but he decided to give kp a little love too.
thats a HUGE giraffe.
pretty girl hanging out of the car.. korb DID have fun. but i think this look captures his overall attitude of is it over yet?
after we fed all the animals we made our way to the go karts.
kennedy and kyle wanted in on the action.. the line was SO long.
still waiting..
korb and i waited too..
and waited..
and waited..
and waited.
the ride was worth the wait for them!
they had so much fun!
we tried to see a few more exhibits..
but korb was DONE!
sis was a little bummed..
4 hrs in the blistering sun staring at animals wasnt quite enough for her. ;)
but korb slept like a baby all the way back to mckinney!

but he has asked to go back more than once over the couple of months!
it was a great day in the life..