Wednesday, July 29, 2009

minchey tx - population 3!

im so excited... check out minchey, tx! shes gonna need lots of love and support to get in the groove of posting. getting started is the hardest part, right girls? blog away, my friend, blog away!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

two and two..

two weeks.. and two days! thats all the time left on the count down to kennedy's return! yay!! we are so excited. its been a looooooooooooonng summer for us and for her. im not sure who is more anxious for her to get here.. mommy or korb. either way the wait is almost over and then we will have 3 fun filled summer weeks to get our kennedy-fix before 4th grade begins.. 4th grade? someone slow things down PLEASE. she is growing up way to fast. no wait.. lets wait two weeks and two days before we slow things down ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a family filled 4th of july!

for the first time since i moved to texas in 2004.. we made no major plans for the 4th of july. and i must admit.. it was SO nice to relax! we were L.A.Z.Y. we spent lots of time at the pool. kyle had the chance to play lots of golf. and we had a family filled firworks celebration. my team of 3 and nicks team of 4 all piled into our tahoe to watch the mckinney fireworks show together. we even talked to kennedy on the phone most of them time we were waiting for the show to start..

korb blew out a flip flop {he stepped on a pop-top ;)} as soon as we found a place to set up camp. so he spent most of his time in dada's lap. i might have taken a picture or two.. or 10. the only thing better than hanging out with kp is hanging out with 2 kps!

he did make his way to auntie jennys lap too. cheese.

macy was her usual perfect-baby-self.

dalton was content to hang out until the fireworks began..
then he had to retreat to the truck.
we had so much fun! thanks, shoffners, for enduring the heat. and the blue cup adventure. ;) we look forward to maaaaaaany more mck 4ths together!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the bad guys..

its safe to say that korb palmer is completely obsessed with sports. his little life revolves around playing catch.. swinging a bat.. throwing a football.. {and i quote} 'knocking the mess' out of a golf ball.. you name the sport. he would love to play it with you. or even just watch it with you on tv for that matter. one evening last week he was struggling with bed time. it was getting really late.. he had used every excuse in the book. i had tucked him in countless times. and then i heard his little feet in the game room.. AGAIN. ugh. but this time he didnt call for me and he didnt venture down the stairs. so curious about what he was up to i went up stairs to check on him. he was laying on the sofa with his blanket. he explained that he couldnt hear the baseball game that his dad and i were watching downstairs from his room. i laughed out loud as i took him to sissy's room, tuned in fox sports on her television and tucked my not yet 3 yr old all star in to fall asleep watching his beloved rangers. before i left the room he asked who the bad guys were that night... we always explain the other team as the bad guys... the angels baby.

the next morning i woke up early to run errands before kp left for work only to realise that our cars had both been broken into overnight. after the initial shock and disappointment in mankind.. and a short lecture from my husband about always locking the car doors nomatterwhat.. i called the police to file a report. the officers were still there when korb woke up. kp explained to him that a bad guy had been in our cars and taken some stuff. later in the day we had this conversation

korb: mommy can you please go get my faaaaaaaaaavorite backyardigans dvd out of the truck?
me: what if its gone? what if the bad guys who broke into our cars took it?
korb: gasp. {and then greatness..} you think bobby abreu took my mission to mars?

lol. i dont think bobby abreu was stealing stuff from our cars little man.. but i LOVE that you do. crazy kid!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and i'ma kid rock it up and down your block..

so ..we like concerts. sometimes i think its important to reiterate the obvious. =) since april we have seen the usuals.. pat green, jimmy buffett, kenny chesney and charlie robison. and tonight we are on our way to see KID ROCK! lynyrd skynyrd AND kid rock actually. and i am SO excited! the last time we saw kid rock i was 7+ months pregnant with korb and it was interesting to say the least. the show was amazing. our seats were great. i have an ironic story about a bag of cotton candy that i'd love to share but im choosing not to blog about.. and im definitely glad that we went! but i anticipate this summers show will be a little more comfortable. and im e.x.c.i.t.e.d. {but i think i already said that} now i just have to decide if im taking my camera..

oh..and its probably worth noting that korb is not going with us this time. =) he will be chillin with his uncle derek. thanks d-rock. youre the best..