Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a family filled 4th of july!

for the first time since i moved to texas in 2004.. we made no major plans for the 4th of july. and i must admit.. it was SO nice to relax! we were L.A.Z.Y. we spent lots of time at the pool. kyle had the chance to play lots of golf. and we had a family filled firworks celebration. my team of 3 and nicks team of 4 all piled into our tahoe to watch the mckinney fireworks show together. we even talked to kennedy on the phone most of them time we were waiting for the show to start..

korb blew out a flip flop {he stepped on a pop-top ;)} as soon as we found a place to set up camp. so he spent most of his time in dada's lap. i might have taken a picture or two.. or 10. the only thing better than hanging out with kp is hanging out with 2 kps!

he did make his way to auntie jennys lap too. cheese.

macy was her usual perfect-baby-self.

dalton was content to hang out until the fireworks began..
then he had to retreat to the truck.
we had so much fun! thanks, shoffners, for enduring the heat. and the blue cup adventure. ;) we look forward to maaaaaaany more mck 4ths together!

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