Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and i'ma kid rock it up and down your block..

so ..we like concerts. sometimes i think its important to reiterate the obvious. =) since april we have seen the usuals.. pat green, jimmy buffett, kenny chesney and charlie robison. and tonight we are on our way to see KID ROCK! lynyrd skynyrd AND kid rock actually. and i am SO excited! the last time we saw kid rock i was 7+ months pregnant with korb and it was interesting to say the least. the show was amazing. our seats were great. i have an ironic story about a bag of cotton candy that i'd love to share but im choosing not to blog about.. and im definitely glad that we went! but i anticipate this summers show will be a little more comfortable. and im e.x.c.i.t.e.d. {but i think i already said that} now i just have to decide if im taking my camera..

oh..and its probably worth noting that korb is not going with us this time. =) he will be chillin with his uncle derek. thanks d-rock. youre the best..

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