Friday, June 26, 2009

a little he said she said..

time to resume a little segment i like to call a little he said she said.. it should really be a daily thing. the k's crack me up EVERYDAY with out fail. sometimes its proof they are little geniuses. =) and sometimes just reminders of their innocence.

knp after i told him that we HAVE to find a new teenage sitter {our favorite moved away =(}
mommy: korb we HAVE to find a new sitter!
korb: can you just get jarrod saltalamacchia?

lol. somehow i dont think he's available this friday night..

knp after walking as far as he could walk at the softball game and then begging to be carried.
mommy: korb i have to put you down. im not going to make it.
korb: mommy. hang in there. i prooooomise. you WILL make it. just keep walking.

um.. why didnt i think of saying that to him? WHY?

ksw after learning of mj's death.
kennedy {crying over the phone}: mom. did you hear that michael jackson died?
mommy: i did sweetheart. dad and i were worried about how you would hear. dad tried to call you. we know you loved him.
kennedy {crying}: i was at school. the teachers and i were upset and all the other kids were looking at us like we were crazy.
mommy: aw. im sorry kenners. im glad that you understand the significance. we understand why youre upset.
kennedy {still crying}: thank you for worrying about me mom. i knew you would understand. i should have pretended like i didnt know so that you or dad could tell me.

lol. if only we could always hear news {good or bad} from the right people.

redocorating & refocusing

now that the daunting task of redecorating is out of the way maybe i can get back to just writing..if im being honest its not all that much work to redecorate the blog. in fact i LOVE digi-scrap booking. but ive been wildly productive around the house in the days ive been absent on the blog. so, i fear becoming a slave to the blog world again because that equals a dirty unorganized house. there has to be balance.. but its seems ive never found it. all or nothing. thats how i roll. ;) there is a point, i promise. even if its just a reminder to myself. last night we were at kp and derek's softball game. 6:30pm. 100+ outside. chasing korb around like a crazy person. i talked him into sitting just for a minute next to auntie cole on a bench in the shade. brayden was sleeping peacefully in his car seat/stroller.. which is a korb hand-me down and it brings back SO many memories to see his tiny little self all snug and surrounded by combi grey & orange.

{korb sept 1, 2006.. 2 days old}
korb and i were admiring him when nicole mentioned that she had looked back thru old blog posts today to see how old korb was when he did this & that. aw! i love that!! i love that we can look back.. LOVE IT. thats what blogging has always been about for me. preserving memories. i have to snap out of this blog-funk! thanks nicole for a little motivation. AND i see a blog in your near future. weve gotta watch that baby grow! i vote for i will even help you decorate. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a whole lot of NOTHING!

thats what we have been up to. mostly hanging out with friends and family... the best part of summer, right?! i havent posted in forever. and i really want to.. but it always seems like something else always occupies my time in the afternoon. and the fact that i desperately need to update the photos on my blog header seems like a lot of work. so every day i put it off for another. im thinking july will be the month i really get back into the groove of things.

for now.. i thought a brief update would be better than none. this little guy is absolutely OOC.
his sleeping habits are a mess. his eating habits are a mess. he talks all the time {well, maybe thats not completely out of character}. and its hard to be mean to him because he is so stinkin cute {and smart which equals cute to me=)} ...basically in a nutshell he has become KENNEDY. they are one in the same. baby kennedy. im not sure if it keeps me from missing her or makes it worse. but i do want to remember a few kennedy-esque things that have come out of his mouth lately.

one night recently after sending him to bed no less than 5 times. and listening to EVERY excuse he has ever heard her come up with {or so i thought} ..i have to go to the bathroom. ..i forgot to tell you something important. .. i need a snack. i heard the pitter patter of his little feet on the stairs again. 'mommy?' 'what korb? what now?' 'i need some tylenol. im feeling sick.' REALLY? is he almost 3 or almost 8?

after a long afternoon of bickering with his cousin last week i heard him say to dalton 'i can hit you with this book or this baby doll. those are your options.' what a turd! i promise i intervened. there was no hitting. and i only laughed out loud about it later so as not to encourage him. but seriously.. those are your options? he spends too much time with mommy!

and finally.. a few saturdays ago he and i were at lowe's. he spotted a display of tape measures and promptly asked to play with one. my answer was no, not this time. he asked if i remembered last morning {which equals any day other than today} when he was playing with that tape measure at lowe's and he whacked sissy with it. i do remember that.. i remember it well. and then he said 'i wish sissy was here.' me too buddy. me too. 'i wish she was here so i could whack her with a tape measure.' that was ALMOST sweet. ALMOST.

Monday, June 1, 2009

introducing... mason.

a puppy. after we swore NEVER again. here we are.. with a puppy. a sweet, loveable, and so-far well behaved puppy. we will cross our fingers that he STAYS that way and this isnt just the honeymoon phase. the kids absolutely love him.. and believe it or not it was kp's idea.

here he is..the newest member of team palmer. mason.
kennedy is in absolute heaven..
and korb thinks he is pretty cool too..