Friday, June 26, 2009

redocorating & refocusing

now that the daunting task of redecorating is out of the way maybe i can get back to just writing..if im being honest its not all that much work to redecorate the blog. in fact i LOVE digi-scrap booking. but ive been wildly productive around the house in the days ive been absent on the blog. so, i fear becoming a slave to the blog world again because that equals a dirty unorganized house. there has to be balance.. but its seems ive never found it. all or nothing. thats how i roll. ;) there is a point, i promise. even if its just a reminder to myself. last night we were at kp and derek's softball game. 6:30pm. 100+ outside. chasing korb around like a crazy person. i talked him into sitting just for a minute next to auntie cole on a bench in the shade. brayden was sleeping peacefully in his car seat/stroller.. which is a korb hand-me down and it brings back SO many memories to see his tiny little self all snug and surrounded by combi grey & orange.

{korb sept 1, 2006.. 2 days old}
korb and i were admiring him when nicole mentioned that she had looked back thru old blog posts today to see how old korb was when he did this & that. aw! i love that!! i love that we can look back.. LOVE IT. thats what blogging has always been about for me. preserving memories. i have to snap out of this blog-funk! thanks nicole for a little motivation. AND i see a blog in your near future. weve gotta watch that baby grow! i vote for i will even help you decorate. :)

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