Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a whole lot of NOTHING!

thats what we have been up to. mostly hanging out with friends and family... the best part of summer, right?! i havent posted in forever. and i really want to.. but it always seems like something else always occupies my time in the afternoon. and the fact that i desperately need to update the photos on my blog header seems like a lot of work. so every day i put it off for another. im thinking july will be the month i really get back into the groove of things.

for now.. i thought a brief update would be better than none. this little guy is absolutely OOC.
his sleeping habits are a mess. his eating habits are a mess. he talks all the time {well, maybe thats not completely out of character}. and its hard to be mean to him because he is so stinkin cute {and smart which equals cute to me=)} ...basically in a nutshell he has become KENNEDY. they are one in the same. baby kennedy. im not sure if it keeps me from missing her or makes it worse. but i do want to remember a few kennedy-esque things that have come out of his mouth lately.

one night recently after sending him to bed no less than 5 times. and listening to EVERY excuse he has ever heard her come up with {or so i thought} ..i have to go to the bathroom. ..i forgot to tell you something important. .. i need a snack. i heard the pitter patter of his little feet on the stairs again. 'mommy?' 'what korb? what now?' 'i need some tylenol. im feeling sick.' REALLY? is he almost 3 or almost 8?

after a long afternoon of bickering with his cousin last week i heard him say to dalton 'i can hit you with this book or this baby doll. those are your options.' what a turd! i promise i intervened. there was no hitting. and i only laughed out loud about it later so as not to encourage him. but seriously.. those are your options? he spends too much time with mommy!

and finally.. a few saturdays ago he and i were at lowe's. he spotted a display of tape measures and promptly asked to play with one. my answer was no, not this time. he asked if i remembered last morning {which equals any day other than today} when he was playing with that tape measure at lowe's and he whacked sissy with it. i do remember that.. i remember it well. and then he said 'i wish sissy was here.' me too buddy. me too. 'i wish she was here so i could whack her with a tape measure.' that was ALMOST sweet. ALMOST.

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