Friday, October 29, 2010

happy anniversary sweetheart!

Happy anniversary sweetheart! Thank you for being an amazing husband to me, an incredible daddy to both of our children and the very best friend I could ever hope for. The last five years have been an awesome start to the rest of our life! ♥ you!!  

5 yrs down.. infinity to go! =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

maybe THE greatest moment..

...of my life.  well.. besides the day my precious daughter was born when i was 22.  and the day i met the love of my life when i was 27.  or our wedding day at 28.  or when my amazing little boy was born at the ripe old age of 29.  ok.. so there have been lots of amazing moments.  maybe i should say the greatest moment of 30s?  thats justifiable.  =)

after much debate.. last friday night KP and i accepted invitations from two different friends to attend game 6 of the ALCS playoff series.  our little Rangers vs THE ny yankees.  we were up 3 games to 2 in the series.. but winning meant moving on to the world series and not a real possibility.  and then theres the fact that theyve lost every. single. game. weve been too all season. =(  but the thought of them actually winning and having a chance to witness it in person seemed to good of a thing to pass up.  so we went.  i rode with my brother and sister-in-law to meet up with my friends.  and kp met us at the ballpark to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law.  the three of them sat in the CBS11 suite.  and i sat with my good friend kelsey.. who is the niece of the late George Steinbrenner, right behind third base. =)  of course cell reception was limited.. actually, its fair to say nonexistent.. so getting back together after we went our separate ways was just shy of impossible.  the absolute only thing that couldve made the moment that aRod swung that last strike and we claimed victory any sweeter is if we were all together.. but looking back the moment was amazing no matter what and i wouldnt change being THERE for anything in the world.  thank you Kelsey!

the view from my seats..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a bets a bet!

background:  i have a tattoo.  i got it in Yuma, Az circa 1995.. 18 yrs old.  this lucky girl got a four leaf clover on the inside of her right ankle. and 15 yrs later i still love it.  i love the memory of the innocense of that time in my life..  and ive been wanting another for quite sometime now.. but the hubby isnt on board.  cant really explain why.  he's always just been anti-tattoo.  in the early part of the summer we had a conversation that went something like this..

james:  i think this is OUR year.  the Rangers are going all the way!
kp:  ummmmmmm, yea about that... its probably not going to happen sweetheart.
james:  i think it is! how bout this.  if the Rangers make it to the World Series will you get a tattoo?
kp:  for sure!  that is a bet i will take!

*i should note that he is a die hard rangers fan.  just a realist.

we've joked about it many times over the last four months or so.. but i dont think he EVER dreamed it could be a reality.  AND now.. three wins into the ALCS championship.. its really real!  one more win and the Rangers WILL be in the World Series..  and anti-tattoo KP is getting some much needed INK. =)

lets go rangers.  clap clap clapCLAPclap =)))

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

homecoming..haircuts..weddings & winning [but not necessarily in that order]

we had a wonderful weekend!  and didnt take a single picture.. =( but i did allow kennedy to touch my camera for a few min to snap a picture of her dad and i before we scurried out to watch the rangers WHIP the yankees in game 2 of the alcs was mostly just redemption for getting whipped in game 1..but a tied series is a tied series!  and just after we both got MAJOR haircuts.. my 4 inches are, of course, an after thought to KPs complete change.   and just for the record.. i dont hate it.  i just like it better long.  =( 
[this is the part where i tell you about another post i will only admit to backdating this one time.. and then we will all pretend that it existed on that day forever=)] there arent too many before pictures.. but you can see his lovely locks in this post. =)  we were allllll dressed up to attend the wedding of a great friend.  it was, with out a doubt, one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever been too.  congrats ANDY & KIM!

after the wedding we spent the rest of the night in denton for UNT homecoming.  weve been every year that ive lived here.  since 2004.  it never fails to be a ton of fun!  =))

thank you, nana, for spending the weekend with the kids and their toy puppy!  you are the best!!  =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

he said she said

wowwww!  its been ages since my last rendition of he said she said. =)  im sure ive missed SO many cute things..

a little history.. i love country music.  wellll, i love all music, honestly.  ive listened to my fair share of hiphop - when you live on the east coast you have to or they'll kill you. =)  and  thankfully [due to my husbands fading addiction] we dont listen to much trance/techno anymore but it is a definite requirement in this marriage to at least be aware of the likes of paul van dyk. =)  and of course i have my faves that absolutely do not fall in the country category.. high school stuff like the cure, u2, rem and pearl jam.  stuff from my 20s like train, stp, the offspring.. the list goes on and on.. three doors down, fuel, creed{shhhh}, coldplay {even if it makes me gay =)}.. not to mention my love affair with jimmy buffett that began in 1998 and only grows stronger with age. what makes me happy right now is eyb, charlie robison, josh abbott band, pat green, randy rogers band, bleu edmonson, bart crow, even casey donahew.  when i hear my little guy singing along to this.. it makes me ridiculously happy. =)

to say that i am a kiss 106.1 girl nowadays would NOT be accurate.

HOWEVER.. ive recently come to realize that kennedy IS that girl right now.   so in good mommy fashion ive been diligent to keep up with current hits.  its a must to know what your 'tweens are singing along to, right?  i remember a tape that my mom bought for me when i was really young.  i begged for it at walmart.  i went straight upstairs and listened overandoverandover trying to learn all the words.  the first time my mom overheard me mumbling prince's darling nikki lyrics she took that tape away.  and i never saw it again.. from then on stephen curtis chapman and dc talk were the only tapes allowed in my room. =)  it wasnt like prince was on the radio in childress.. but thats not the case in 2010.  she can listen to whatever she wants on her radio or iTouch when im not right there with her.  so, for the most part, when im with the kids at home or in the car.. we listen to whatever SHE wants to listen to.  like it or not.  must be aware...

wow thats a lot of history!!

so this morning korb and i had this conversation..

korb:  [running around the house *screaming*] LIKE A G6 LIKE A G6
mommy:  what are you singing???
korb:  you know that blizzard song about an airplane that sissy likes.
mommy:  why brother?  why are you singing that?
korb:  its just gets stuck in my head mommy...

ugh!  me too, NOW.  thanks a lot little man.  thanks a lot.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

back dating posts..

is ABSOLUTELY cheating.. but at least they exist. =)
korbs first black eye
happy birthday korb.. take 4

how bout those RANGERS!?!?!

...confession time.  when i moved to texas, well - back to texas, i wasnt exactly what you would call a baseball fan.  football? love it!  basketball?  anyday!  hockey?  mmmm absolutely.  nascar? 100%.  golf?  i love tiger as much as the next guy girl.  [wellllll, as it turns out.. not quite as much =)]  but baseball?  not so much.  going to a baseball game was always fun.  on the east coast we did our fair share of supporting the local minor league team. =)

[me & kenners at a norfolk tides game april 2004..]

but REAL baseball.. like on TV.. not so much.  i quickly learned that that attitude was not going to work with KP around. i started paying attn.  with 162 games a year i had to get on board.  i found out quickly that the real reason i was bored with games before was that i really didnt know anything about baseball.. it always seemed pretty straightforward before.  your team bats.. 3 outs.. your teams is out in the field.  3 outs.. you bat again.  boring.  but that is not the case.  theres so much more to it.. =)  anyway.. for the last three or four years i AM what you would call a baseball FAN.  and proud of it!  even tho those 162 games are usually all the baseball we experience in texas.  but not this year!  last night OUR TEXAS RANGERS won the ALDS championship.. and starting on friday they will begin the ALCS championship series w the Yankees.  who knows what will happen.. but the fact that they are 4 wins away from the world series is ridiculously exciting!   absolutely love it!  

korb in his josh hamilton tshirt.. [and wrist bands] before preschool yesterday morning. =)
so.. what ive learned here is this.. baseball IS awesome.  thank you for teaching me that KP.. but baseball in october is amazing!! GO RANGERS!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in 2007...

..i blogged 106 posts in 10 months.  in 2008, 133 posts.  2009 = 60.. and in 2010 so far ..a whopping 15. at this rate in 2011 i will be out of the blogging bidness altogether.  pathetic really.  the funk is unexplainable.  cant put my finger on it.  life is definitely busier.. two jobs will do that for you, even if you are the boss.  korb demands lots of attention.  and the drop off directly correlates to his decline in napping.  two naps a day in 2007 & 2008 VERY productive.  one nap a day in 2009.. half the naps - half the posts.  and well.. he might have had 15 naps in 2010. maybe. =)  my mom blames it on fb.. but thats not it.  im totally just out of the habit.  perhaps burned out for a while.. but over that.

the solution is to MAKE time, not EXCUSES!  im pretty sure no one will read this.. unless i ask them to. [according to google analytics a few people still drop by daily tho..thanks guys! =)]  SO.. this is really just commitment to myself.  ive read of others participating in NaBloPoMo [blogging everyday for a month to create a habit] or Project 365 [a photo a day for a year..] and ive always thought they were cool ideas.  but i dont have time for that!  my daycare requires 10 hrs [albeit somewhat divided] attention a day 5 days a week.  ive done 32 photoshoots not counting 2 weddings in the first 40 weeks of this year as my parttime job. [awesome! =)]  not to mention just about all the cooking, cleaning, laundry etc that it takes to make team palmer go around... and somehow found time to sleep, eat enough to gain 10lbs [ick..luckily i only have 5 more to lose after a summer of junk-food-a-holic-jammmmmmi] and take on the extra responsibility of a puppy who requires the attn of a newborn!  surely i can make time to fondly remember all the chaos that is our lives. SURELY!

so here i go.  wish me luck. =)  i think i can..i think i can..i think i can get back on track!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

life with maggie..

…has been interesting to say the least.  a few days after we brought her home and snapped this ADORABLE shot..maggiemayshe became very ill.  by friday we were in the vets office in a SERIOUS state of deja vu.  having just been through all the trials and such of living with a sick pet who spends more time at the vets office than at home is still a REALLY fresh wound for all of us.  [note to self.. three months might not have been long enough to wait].  anyway… good news and bad news.  all of her blood work and test results were normal.  so basically they had no idea what was going on.  a week passed with a few more bad days and then a few good ones so i thought we were out of the woods.. until friday.  she was fine in the morning.  but when i went to feed her lunch she was completely limp.  couldnt stand or lift her head.  COMPLETE panic mode.  shes only been with us for a couple of weeks but she IS my baby!  =/ i am up at least twice a night with that tiny little fur ball and we have definitely bonded.  thankfully nick & jenny walked in the door minutes after i found her.  nick stayed with the kids and jenny rushed maggie and i back to the vets office.  i was a crying mess.  =(  anyway.. after a full day of DRAMA and a weekend of feeding her/giving meds every 3 hours, around the clock, the days are getting better and better.  she is so spunky and a pure joy to have around.  a definite plus as an addition to our family.  vet bills and all. =) 
we have a photo shoot planned for the Ks birthday pictures this week.. something we do every year!  [looking back at 2009] and they want to include the baby.  SO on sunday we had a little improptu practice in the backyard with her.   it didnt go exactly as planned…  but we got some cute shots just the same. =)