Wednesday, October 13, 2010

how bout those RANGERS!?!?!

...confession time.  when i moved to texas, well - back to texas, i wasnt exactly what you would call a baseball fan.  football? love it!  basketball?  anyday!  hockey?  mmmm absolutely.  nascar? 100%.  golf?  i love tiger as much as the next guy girl.  [wellllll, as it turns out.. not quite as much =)]  but baseball?  not so much.  going to a baseball game was always fun.  on the east coast we did our fair share of supporting the local minor league team. =)

[me & kenners at a norfolk tides game april 2004..]

but REAL baseball.. like on TV.. not so much.  i quickly learned that that attitude was not going to work with KP around. i started paying attn.  with 162 games a year i had to get on board.  i found out quickly that the real reason i was bored with games before was that i really didnt know anything about baseball.. it always seemed pretty straightforward before.  your team bats.. 3 outs.. your teams is out in the field.  3 outs.. you bat again.  boring.  but that is not the case.  theres so much more to it.. =)  anyway.. for the last three or four years i AM what you would call a baseball FAN.  and proud of it!  even tho those 162 games are usually all the baseball we experience in texas.  but not this year!  last night OUR TEXAS RANGERS won the ALDS championship.. and starting on friday they will begin the ALCS championship series w the Yankees.  who knows what will happen.. but the fact that they are 4 wins away from the world series is ridiculously exciting!   absolutely love it!  

korb in his josh hamilton tshirt.. [and wrist bands] before preschool yesterday morning. =)
so.. what ive learned here is this.. baseball IS awesome.  thank you for teaching me that KP.. but baseball in october is amazing!! GO RANGERS!

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