Friday, October 15, 2010

he said she said

wowwww!  its been ages since my last rendition of he said she said. =)  im sure ive missed SO many cute things..

a little history.. i love country music.  wellll, i love all music, honestly.  ive listened to my fair share of hiphop - when you live on the east coast you have to or they'll kill you. =)  and  thankfully [due to my husbands fading addiction] we dont listen to much trance/techno anymore but it is a definite requirement in this marriage to at least be aware of the likes of paul van dyk. =)  and of course i have my faves that absolutely do not fall in the country category.. high school stuff like the cure, u2, rem and pearl jam.  stuff from my 20s like train, stp, the offspring.. the list goes on and on.. three doors down, fuel, creed{shhhh}, coldplay {even if it makes me gay =)}.. not to mention my love affair with jimmy buffett that began in 1998 and only grows stronger with age. what makes me happy right now is eyb, charlie robison, josh abbott band, pat green, randy rogers band, bleu edmonson, bart crow, even casey donahew.  when i hear my little guy singing along to this.. it makes me ridiculously happy. =)

to say that i am a kiss 106.1 girl nowadays would NOT be accurate.

HOWEVER.. ive recently come to realize that kennedy IS that girl right now.   so in good mommy fashion ive been diligent to keep up with current hits.  its a must to know what your 'tweens are singing along to, right?  i remember a tape that my mom bought for me when i was really young.  i begged for it at walmart.  i went straight upstairs and listened overandoverandover trying to learn all the words.  the first time my mom overheard me mumbling prince's darling nikki lyrics she took that tape away.  and i never saw it again.. from then on stephen curtis chapman and dc talk were the only tapes allowed in my room. =)  it wasnt like prince was on the radio in childress.. but thats not the case in 2010.  she can listen to whatever she wants on her radio or iTouch when im not right there with her.  so, for the most part, when im with the kids at home or in the car.. we listen to whatever SHE wants to listen to.  like it or not.  must be aware...

wow thats a lot of history!!

so this morning korb and i had this conversation..

korb:  [running around the house *screaming*] LIKE A G6 LIKE A G6
mommy:  what are you singing???
korb:  you know that blizzard song about an airplane that sissy likes.
mommy:  why brother?  why are you singing that?
korb:  its just gets stuck in my head mommy...

ugh!  me too, NOW.  thanks a lot little man.  thanks a lot.


Brittainy said...

hahaha ... thanks korb ... it is in my head now too!

Anonymous said...

LOVE. IT. ... because it wasn't already in our heads for an entire weekend!! srsly, the beat is ridiculous - who wouldn't get that stuck! Props to you momma, for the wide range of music loves, and for keepin' up with the 411 like a cool mom rolls!!