Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in 2007...

..i blogged 106 posts in 10 months.  in 2008, 133 posts.  2009 = 60.. and in 2010 so far ..a whopping 15. at this rate in 2011 i will be out of the blogging bidness altogether.  pathetic really.  the funk is unexplainable.  cant put my finger on it.  life is definitely busier.. two jobs will do that for you, even if you are the boss.  korb demands lots of attention.  and the drop off directly correlates to his decline in napping.  two naps a day in 2007 & 2008 VERY productive.  one nap a day in 2009.. half the naps - half the posts.  and well.. he might have had 15 naps in 2010. maybe. =)  my mom blames it on fb.. but thats not it.  im totally just out of the habit.  perhaps burned out for a while.. but over that.

the solution is to MAKE time, not EXCUSES!  im pretty sure no one will read this.. unless i ask them to. [according to google analytics a few people still drop by daily tho..thanks guys! =)]  SO.. this is really just commitment to myself.  ive read of others participating in NaBloPoMo [blogging everyday for a month to create a habit] or Project 365 [a photo a day for a year..] and ive always thought they were cool ideas.  but i dont have time for that!  my daycare requires 10 hrs [albeit somewhat divided] attention a day 5 days a week.  ive done 32 photoshoots not counting 2 weddings in the first 40 weeks of this year as my parttime job. [awesome! =)]  not to mention just about all the cooking, cleaning, laundry etc that it takes to make team palmer go around... and somehow found time to sleep, eat enough to gain 10lbs [ick..luckily i only have 5 more to lose after a summer of junk-food-a-holic-jammmmmmi] and take on the extra responsibility of a puppy who requires the attn of a newborn!  surely i can make time to fondly remember all the chaos that is our lives. SURELY!

so here i go.  wish me luck. =)  i think i can..i think i can..i think i can get back on track!


Unknown said...

I've been in that same funk. I keep telling myself that all I need to do is set aside 20 or minutes a day (or night) to blog about the day, but it's hard to ignore kids and a husband wanting your attention. Not to mention dishes and laundry calling your name.

Good luck getting back in there!

Jammi Palmer said...

thanks friend! ugh.. im thinking morning nap will be my blogging time. hopefully i can get back on track!