Wednesday, October 6, 2010

life with maggie..

…has been interesting to say the least.  a few days after we brought her home and snapped this ADORABLE shot..maggiemayshe became very ill.  by friday we were in the vets office in a SERIOUS state of deja vu.  having just been through all the trials and such of living with a sick pet who spends more time at the vets office than at home is still a REALLY fresh wound for all of us.  [note to self.. three months might not have been long enough to wait].  anyway… good news and bad news.  all of her blood work and test results were normal.  so basically they had no idea what was going on.  a week passed with a few more bad days and then a few good ones so i thought we were out of the woods.. until friday.  she was fine in the morning.  but when i went to feed her lunch she was completely limp.  couldnt stand or lift her head.  COMPLETE panic mode.  shes only been with us for a couple of weeks but she IS my baby!  =/ i am up at least twice a night with that tiny little fur ball and we have definitely bonded.  thankfully nick & jenny walked in the door minutes after i found her.  nick stayed with the kids and jenny rushed maggie and i back to the vets office.  i was a crying mess.  =(  anyway.. after a full day of DRAMA and a weekend of feeding her/giving meds every 3 hours, around the clock, the days are getting better and better.  she is so spunky and a pure joy to have around.  a definite plus as an addition to our family.  vet bills and all. =) 
we have a photo shoot planned for the Ks birthday pictures this week.. something we do every year!  [looking back at 2009] and they want to include the baby.  SO on sunday we had a little improptu practice in the backyard with her.   it didnt go exactly as planned…  but we got some cute shots just the same. =)



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