Friday, September 24, 2010

happy happy birthday little miss magic!

cannot believe its even possible that my kennedy is turning eleven today.  CRAZY!  she is the sweetest, sassiest, smartest, spaziest {thats def not a word =)}, silliest, girliest {evidently thats not either..}, funniest, prettiest, chattiest, sincerest tween i know.  and i love her with all my mommy heart.  i remember the day she was born like it was yesterday and im absolutely sure she and i have already created a life time of memories and weve only just begun our second decade together.  she will always be my baby girl and she is quickly becoming a wonderful friend as well.  i love her heart. and every new freckle on her sweet little nose.  she is my little miss magic and she is quickly learning to make up her own mind.. someday she's gonna learn how to fly.  but for now im going to celebrate another birthday with her big smile.  and pretend like she will be my little girl forever.  love you angel-bugg!  hope today is great!!

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