Thursday, October 30, 2008

unt homecoming..

on oct 18th team palmer traveled to denton for kp's college homecoming at the university of north texas. we had a GREAT time.. the kids went with us in the morning, ya know, so we could show them off.. ;) then i drove them to meet nana & papa for the balance of the day and weekend. thanks mom & dad for keeping them! they had a blast and so did we! i took SO many pictures. it would have taken forever to add them all to blogger.. so smilebox is the next best thing, right? enjoy!

Click to play homecoming '08

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cheers to three years!

oh how things have changed since that sunny fall day in vegas.. when we were newlyweds with a sweet little kindergartner in tow. welcomed changes.. but changes none-the-less. i am so thankful that some things never change. like how much i love you and how often you bring a smile to my face! i am so grateful that you are in our lives. thank you for being a wonderful husband, the best dada in the wide world, and my very best friend. three years down.. 70ish more to go! happy anniversary kp. love you lots!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

go mavs!

tuesday afternoon derek called to ask if we would want to go to the mavs game.. his brother had 4 extra tickets. OF COURSE we would like to go! its only pre-season.. but who cares. korb was so excited. we gonna go see dirk make baskets? so cute. he mustve said that 100 times during the 15 mins we had to get ready in order to make the 730 tip off. kennedy got dressed in record time. she didnt even complain when i wanted to brush her hair.

our seats were amazing. korb quickly became obsessed with the mascot. you all know him as champ. korb simply knew that he was a horsie nay-nay. and that he NEEDED him to come say hello. that horsie nay-nay come see me? he didnt even want to get anything to eat for fear that he would miss him. too cute. btw.. he never did. if youre reading, champ, the next time my curlied-haired-blue-eyed-sweetie is in the crowd i would appreciate a photo op!

and kennedy.. well, of course, she loved the dancers. in fact nicole sent me a text during the game {our seats werent together} asking if kennedy had stopped dancing since we arrived. and this photo op made her day.

the k team.. i promise that he doesnt drink giant cups of soda often. it was a special occasion. :)

thanks uncle derek.. you rock! and congrats to you and autie cole on a successful dr's appt today! the count down is official on to team minchey party of 3!

Monday, October 20, 2008

macy's b-day.. take 2!

nick & jenny spoke to her dr this morning after calling the hospital and getting the run around again! she told them to head over to the hospital around 10. they just got checked into a room to start the induction! such mixed emotions.. so EXCITED for them.. SO sad that we cant be there! i know that sounds selfish. i cant help it! they are not alone, despite the lack of auntie james. jenny's mom is there with them and my parents are on their way.. maybe macy was waiting on nana and papa this whole time!

i think i will update this post as i hear from them.. not sure anyone out there in blog-land will be checking in for updates... but i like the idea. :)


NOON.. jenny just called. things are progressing already! she's dilated 3 cm. the meds are dripping and they just broke her water. she sounded good.. until a contraction came. then she passed the phone to nick. hopefully it wont be a terribly long day for her.

1PM.. nick called. the latest.. jenny got an epidural. he got a cheeseburger. priorities. he has to keep his energy up.. :)

2PM.. 5 cm. 90% effaced. -1 station. dr j will check back around 5.

so.. im a little behind. but in my defense, it all happened so fast! the 4:15 update was 7cm. the 5:30 update.. she was born at 5:17! she is 7lbs 5oz. 21 in long. and from what i hear just as perfect as her brother..and as beautiful as her mom. cant wait to see her myself.. love her so much already! happy birthday macy marie!

our weekend in houston..

despite macy being cozy and COMPLETELY refusing to come out and meet everyone, we had a great time in houston this weekend.. one last time as a party of 7. of course we got up bright and early saturday morning - dalto would have it NO other way. and we were toy shopping by 9am. i know 3 kids who have the worst life ever.. ;) we had big plans for a full day of being out and about. but after lunch we all made our way back to casa de shoffner for a nap. everyone was tired. and kp needed a football fix. jenny and i made a quick trip to a vitamin store. we had heard that raspberry leaf tea might just do the trick.. an herbal induction. we read mixed reviews on line. some swearing by its power..others claiming it to be a myth. either way, jenny was willing to try. when we got back both the boys were awake and ready to play. nick and kp bbq'd dinner and the kids played out side. thats the only time i took any pics.. after dinner we drove over to the coolest area in the woodlands not far from their house. we walked for awhile along a waterway. the kids and the dads got to feed some ducks. and then we went on a trolley ride. dalton was SO excited. korb was apprehensive, to say the least, in the beginning. eventually he warmed up to the idea and had a great time. after the trolley ride we made a stop by coldstone creamery. every ones favorite! then we called it a night.

sunday morning, we headed home. still no baby.. cross your fingers that they will be induced today!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

macy's birthday.. just kidding.

so.. sometimes life is cruel! the induction scheduled for friday was cancelled and rescheduled. we are having a great time enjoying the weekend with nick, jenny and dalton. and tho we are sad that we are not sitting around a hospital room holding that sweet baby girl.. we know that she will be here when she is supposed to be.. and oct 17 was not the day. :) our fingers are crossed that labor will begin on its own while we are here. but i guess patience is the name of the game.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

macy's birthday!

we are leaving friday afternoon for houston. my baby brother and awesome sister in law are planning to meet their baby girl tomorrow! as korb would say, she is finished cooking and ready to come out to play... our plan is to hit I-45 by 3pm and HOPEFULLY make it to houston before the big moment. i cannot even begin to express how excited i am! love you nicky.. love you jenny! so thrilled for you guys!
dear sweet baby macy..
tomorrow is the day. the day weve all been waiting for patiently. the day that someone besides your sweet mommy gets to hold you! trust that your auntie james will be as close to the front of that line as she possibly can.. we are all so excited to see your sweet little face and count your precious little toes. you will be so loved. and so spoiled. and i cannot wait to get started!

Monday, October 13, 2008

one random week in oct..

last week was exceptionally random around here.. a week that needed recapping day by day. but as the self proclaimed queen of catch-up. i think i can probably relive it with some accuracy. :) lets just say it was a little bit country..

a couple of weeks ago, i asked d-rock if he could make chicken fried steak. like they do back where i come from. a stupid question, i know. if he can make some of the gourmet things weve eaten at the minchey's, chicken fried steak should be an easy task. but probably not something on the menu anytime soon. however, after planting the seed, tuesday night was the night.. chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the cob, salad with buttermilk ranch. and sweet tea, of course. followed by the presidential debate. good times!! thanks mincheys!

on wednesday night, we were the lucky ones! jessica m. was gracious enough to spend the evening with the little kid and the little man while kp & i went on a date. we hadnt seen our old friend pat since last december ;). so we couldnt pass up the opportunity! we had such a great time! thank you jess! and thank you pat.. looking forward to our annual christmas get-together in cow-town!

then on friday..we had been planning to see charlie robison in concert, right here in our hometown, with the mincheys for a couple of weeks now. its always cool to enjoy something fun with out having to drive an hour into the city. the reddicks joined us.. and one of dereks best friends, nick. there was a good crowd.. but not too many. the band played until close to midnight. then after the show i asked the lead guitar player to autograph a guitar pick. he seemed like a nice guy.. and he got me a pick from charlie too. i had made a friend! in the band! pretty cool. we exchanged numbers.. i told him to give us a call if he and his friends were interested in hanging out and playing cards. yea right. ...well, i guess you never know until you ask. thanks for hanging out mark, chris and jake! see you the next time you are in town!!
so after randomly talking derek into making one of my favorite meals. convincing my husband to drive all the way to ft worth during the middle of the week. and bringing charlie robison's band home with me, just to play cards. its been mentioned that maybe my selling skills are being a little underutilized. but think of the skills im teaching our children!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

tag-i'm it!

my friend kelly tagged me.. post the 6th picture from the 6th file in your photos! :) looked back thru my photo's and this is what i found. where did that little munchkin go? thats kennedy.. summer 2004. about 2 months before she turned 5! craziness! my how time flies....
im tagging the vannoys and heather. cant wait to see what you find!

Monday, October 6, 2008

a little more love..

..for my favorite photographer. {clarine smith photography} why? because she deserves it. i feel like these pics are everywhere. i added them to my beloved new facebook acct. ive met so many {new} old friends there. and i added them to my new blog header. howeva.. i want to post them here too. just cause i love them so much! here are just a few of my favorites.. thank you terry!