Thursday, October 16, 2008

macy's birthday!

we are leaving friday afternoon for houston. my baby brother and awesome sister in law are planning to meet their baby girl tomorrow! as korb would say, she is finished cooking and ready to come out to play... our plan is to hit I-45 by 3pm and HOPEFULLY make it to houston before the big moment. i cannot even begin to express how excited i am! love you nicky.. love you jenny! so thrilled for you guys!
dear sweet baby macy..
tomorrow is the day. the day weve all been waiting for patiently. the day that someone besides your sweet mommy gets to hold you! trust that your auntie james will be as close to the front of that line as she possibly can.. we are all so excited to see your sweet little face and count your precious little toes. you will be so loved. and so spoiled. and i cannot wait to get started!

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Unknown said...

Thank you so made us cry! We can't wait for Macy to meet her awesome Auntie James, Uncle KP and Kousins. Thank you for already loving her so much!!