Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cheers to three years!

oh how things have changed since that sunny fall day in vegas.. when we were newlyweds with a sweet little kindergartner in tow. welcomed changes.. but changes none-the-less. i am so thankful that some things never change. like how much i love you and how often you bring a smile to my face! i am so grateful that you are in our lives. thank you for being a wonderful husband, the best dada in the wide world, and my very best friend. three years down.. 70ish more to go! happy anniversary kp. love you lots!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys. I cannot believe that you have been married three years already. That is so awesome, really. It seems as if you have been together so much longer. Does that make sense? Hope things are going well in Texas. Love and miss all of you. Big smooches. me.