Monday, October 20, 2008

macy's b-day.. take 2!

nick & jenny spoke to her dr this morning after calling the hospital and getting the run around again! she told them to head over to the hospital around 10. they just got checked into a room to start the induction! such mixed emotions.. so EXCITED for them.. SO sad that we cant be there! i know that sounds selfish. i cant help it! they are not alone, despite the lack of auntie james. jenny's mom is there with them and my parents are on their way.. maybe macy was waiting on nana and papa this whole time!

i think i will update this post as i hear from them.. not sure anyone out there in blog-land will be checking in for updates... but i like the idea. :)


NOON.. jenny just called. things are progressing already! she's dilated 3 cm. the meds are dripping and they just broke her water. she sounded good.. until a contraction came. then she passed the phone to nick. hopefully it wont be a terribly long day for her.

1PM.. nick called. the latest.. jenny got an epidural. he got a cheeseburger. priorities. he has to keep his energy up.. :)

2PM.. 5 cm. 90% effaced. -1 station. dr j will check back around 5.

so.. im a little behind. but in my defense, it all happened so fast! the 4:15 update was 7cm. the 5:30 update.. she was born at 5:17! she is 7lbs 5oz. 21 in long. and from what i hear just as perfect as her brother..and as beautiful as her mom. cant wait to see her myself.. love her so much already! happy birthday macy marie!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Auntie James. Tell Nick and everyone congratulations from all of us. Glad everything worked out okay and that things are good.

By the way, like your new layout and love your new profile picture with the wicked hair!

Hugs and kisses. Me.

Unknown said...

Macy can't wait to meet you either! Get your butt down here soon!! Love ya :)