Monday, October 13, 2008

one random week in oct..

last week was exceptionally random around here.. a week that needed recapping day by day. but as the self proclaimed queen of catch-up. i think i can probably relive it with some accuracy. :) lets just say it was a little bit country..

a couple of weeks ago, i asked d-rock if he could make chicken fried steak. like they do back where i come from. a stupid question, i know. if he can make some of the gourmet things weve eaten at the minchey's, chicken fried steak should be an easy task. but probably not something on the menu anytime soon. however, after planting the seed, tuesday night was the night.. chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the cob, salad with buttermilk ranch. and sweet tea, of course. followed by the presidential debate. good times!! thanks mincheys!

on wednesday night, we were the lucky ones! jessica m. was gracious enough to spend the evening with the little kid and the little man while kp & i went on a date. we hadnt seen our old friend pat since last december ;). so we couldnt pass up the opportunity! we had such a great time! thank you jess! and thank you pat.. looking forward to our annual christmas get-together in cow-town!

then on friday..we had been planning to see charlie robison in concert, right here in our hometown, with the mincheys for a couple of weeks now. its always cool to enjoy something fun with out having to drive an hour into the city. the reddicks joined us.. and one of dereks best friends, nick. there was a good crowd.. but not too many. the band played until close to midnight. then after the show i asked the lead guitar player to autograph a guitar pick. he seemed like a nice guy.. and he got me a pick from charlie too. i had made a friend! in the band! pretty cool. we exchanged numbers.. i told him to give us a call if he and his friends were interested in hanging out and playing cards. yea right. ...well, i guess you never know until you ask. thanks for hanging out mark, chris and jake! see you the next time you are in town!!
so after randomly talking derek into making one of my favorite meals. convincing my husband to drive all the way to ft worth during the middle of the week. and bringing charlie robison's band home with me, just to play cards. its been mentioned that maybe my selling skills are being a little underutilized. but think of the skills im teaching our children!


The Leonard Four said...

hi jammie...thanks for your sweet comment and for being a follower/followee! :)

the pumpkin is called the flower mound pumpkin patch - it's super easy to get there, especially now that 121 is a tollroad WITHOUT STOPS! you just take 121 to 35 north and exit main street in lewisville. you just follow main street for less than 10 minutes and it's on the right!

we've been to the big orange pumpkin farm in celina also, but like this one better! if you decide to check it out, i'm sure you'll love it!

thanks again for letting me stalk you guys...

The Leonard Four said...

forgot to say that you will take a left onto main off 35...

Unknown said...

Thanks to this post I had to go to Black Eyed Pea last night and have a good 'ol country dinner. Chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy & fried okra. I ate every bite. Thanks a lot!