Monday, October 20, 2008

our weekend in houston..

despite macy being cozy and COMPLETELY refusing to come out and meet everyone, we had a great time in houston this weekend.. one last time as a party of 7. of course we got up bright and early saturday morning - dalto would have it NO other way. and we were toy shopping by 9am. i know 3 kids who have the worst life ever.. ;) we had big plans for a full day of being out and about. but after lunch we all made our way back to casa de shoffner for a nap. everyone was tired. and kp needed a football fix. jenny and i made a quick trip to a vitamin store. we had heard that raspberry leaf tea might just do the trick.. an herbal induction. we read mixed reviews on line. some swearing by its power..others claiming it to be a myth. either way, jenny was willing to try. when we got back both the boys were awake and ready to play. nick and kp bbq'd dinner and the kids played out side. thats the only time i took any pics.. after dinner we drove over to the coolest area in the woodlands not far from their house. we walked for awhile along a waterway. the kids and the dads got to feed some ducks. and then we went on a trolley ride. dalton was SO excited. korb was apprehensive, to say the least, in the beginning. eventually he warmed up to the idea and had a great time. after the trolley ride we made a stop by coldstone creamery. every ones favorite! then we called it a night.

sunday morning, we headed home. still no baby.. cross your fingers that they will be induced today!!!

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Unknown said...

Jammi! The pic o Korbin..... AWESOME! LOVE IT!:)