Wednesday, October 22, 2008

go mavs!

tuesday afternoon derek called to ask if we would want to go to the mavs game.. his brother had 4 extra tickets. OF COURSE we would like to go! its only pre-season.. but who cares. korb was so excited. we gonna go see dirk make baskets? so cute. he mustve said that 100 times during the 15 mins we had to get ready in order to make the 730 tip off. kennedy got dressed in record time. she didnt even complain when i wanted to brush her hair.

our seats were amazing. korb quickly became obsessed with the mascot. you all know him as champ. korb simply knew that he was a horsie nay-nay. and that he NEEDED him to come say hello. that horsie nay-nay come see me? he didnt even want to get anything to eat for fear that he would miss him. too cute. btw.. he never did. if youre reading, champ, the next time my curlied-haired-blue-eyed-sweetie is in the crowd i would appreciate a photo op!

and kennedy.. well, of course, she loved the dancers. in fact nicole sent me a text during the game {our seats werent together} asking if kennedy had stopped dancing since we arrived. and this photo op made her day.

the k team.. i promise that he doesnt drink giant cups of soda often. it was a special occasion. :)

thanks uncle derek.. you rock! and congrats to you and autie cole on a successful dr's appt today! the count down is official on to team minchey party of 3!

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